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Alexia Juniper  AKA Rapunzel the dancing Jedi Knight⛺️😻🌳🌌✨💃✏️🎤📖🎼🌇🎭Ohio Wesleyan University '18.

The return of Frenchie...

In here we have NO troubles. Come to the Cabaret old chum 😉

Come out and see Gum and Goo and The Man Who Turned into a Stick this weekend!

Danny and I are going to open an interactive movie theater that only “plays” Mystery Science Theatre 3000 imitations...

I’m excited to share that I will be “reprising” the role of Frenchie in Ohio Wesleyan University’s production of Cabaret this spring! (Photo Credit: Lois Hock-Wilmington College)

Yesterday I opened my dance bag and found my cats favorite rattle mouse. I didn’t put it there which means Little Bear snuck it in while I was packing, like “don’t leave and forget us again” It’s official, they’ve broken my heart and I miss them 😭❤️

Gone for 4 months and obviously I missed her more than she missed me

See {Lion} Ya Later NYC ! 👋🏻😘

My one and only off-broadway opening night 🖖🏻

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...”

Can I be a Rockette when I grow up? 😋👯‍♀️🎁

Thankful for Family, Festivities & a Free Day 😍 Happy Late Thanksgiving

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