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#mclarenmonday M12 and a 570S shot a while ago as part of the McLaren DNA series
#canam #m12 #mclaren570s

Recent shoot for #Honda a brilliantly retro small EV.
I've lost count of how many cars it reminded us of on the shoot but they were all cool cars and that can only be a good thing..
#honda #bev #hondalove

McLaren Monday MP4/12
During the 1997 season F1 Racing photographer Darren Heath noticed the rear brakes of the McLarens were glowing red in an acceleration zone of the track. The magazine discovered through photos of the inside of the cockpit that McLaren had installed a second brake pedal selectable by the driver to act on one of the rear wheels allowing the driver to eliminate understeer and reduce wheelspin when exiting slow corners dubbed "brake steer".
Ferrari's protestations to the FIA led to the system being banned the following season. #mclarenmonday #mp412 #wishitwasorange

#mclarenmonday McLaren F1 GTR Longtail
Since its debut season in 1995, the McLaren F1 GTR had been scoring pole positions and race wins – including the famous victory at Le Mans. But in 1996, rivals began stretching the GT rules to the limit (some would say beyond) by creating purpose-built racing cars. In order to keep its F1 GTR competitive, McLaren had to make drastic changes for 1997. The result was a high-downforce version of the GTR, dubbed internally as ‘F1 GT’, although it became better known as the ‘Longtail’.
Late in 1996, work began on this faster, lighter F1. Gordon Murray recalls the immense amount of work that was required to finalise the design for the start of the 1997 season. ‘We had to embark on a major crash-testing programme to develop not only a new racing car, but first a new road-car model to legalise it!’ Murray and the rest of the team tasked with creating the ‘Longtail’ wanted the car to represent the ultimate expression of what the F1 was capable of, retaining the underpinnings of the road car. ‘We were determined to do it all precisely to the letter of the regulations, in the spirit that their original authors had plainly intended’. #mclarenmonday #mclarenf1gtr #f1gtrlongtail

New Cayenne PR images shot recently for Porshe.
#porshe #porshecayenne

#ferrarifriday shot for the @tofm the Official ferrari magazine a while ago,
retouching by Limehouse, classic images of the Targa Florio from the ferrari archives and projected with pixelstick
always fun to shoot at Maranello and the restaurant is surprisingly good. #pixelstick #ferrari #californiat @thepixelstick #tofm #limehousecreative @limehousecreative

#mclarenmonday the 1970 Can Am M8D (7.620cc 670bhp at 6800 rpm) and P1 GTR
shot as part of the McLaren DNA series.
#p1gtr #m8

#mclarenmonday MP4/2C Ferociously Powerful and enormously reliable, the turbocharged MP4/2C represents one of F1’s most exciting eras delivering 800bhp at 12,000rpm from 1.5 litre Tag V6 with a 195 litre fuel tank as refuelling wasn’t allowed
Thirty one years ago Alain Prost wrestled it to a thrilling last-race, last-lap title becoming the first driver to retain a title since Jack Brabham in 1960. #goodtimes #alainprost #turbo #MP4/2C
#f1 #1986

Thank FXXK its Friday
Shot a while ago for @Topgear
flashback to the time a helpful colleague fired up the 6.3l V12 (1036bhp)
while I was framing up on a tailpipe.
I can confirm that it is loud
#fxxk #ferrari @topgear #ferrarifriday

McLaren P1 GTR and MP4/4 shot as part of a series highlighting the McLaren race DNA.
In 1988 MP4/4 won both the constructors and drivers championships with Ayrton Senna #mclarenmonday #p1gtr #mp4 #arytonsenna

I was going to post a Ferrari throw back then got side tracked by the weather,
instead, heres a shoot from last year for @britishgq and @audiuk following an R8 down the production line at the Bollinger Hofe factory in Neckarsulm Germany.
it rained a lot.
good news is the R8 is thoroughly tested for these conditions. #audir8 #audisport #rainingagain

McLaren Monday again, I must admit I’m enjoying trawling the archives on Mondays.
shown here is M2B the first McLaren F1 car dating back 50 years and a 570S celebrating M2B’s Iconic stripe.
M2B’s innovative monocoque featured an aerospace material called Mallite and an outer skin of conventional Aluminium sheet providing additional stiffness and crash protection for the driver.
#mclarenmonday #m2b #570S

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