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Alex Honnold  Climbing!! And @honnoldfoundation

My favorite partner in front of my favorite tree. Happy Valentine’s Day to an amazing woman who’s made life so much better for over 3 years.

Latest outrageous @freesolofilm update: the whole team came to London and we won a @bafta! It was an amazing evening all the way around, though meeting the prince and princess was a definite highlight. I still can’t believe that royalty has watched and enjoyed our film.
Also - Free Solo is finally available on itunes. For all the folks that have been asking when it will be available oversea: get it now. Link in bio.

Round up of recent highlights in Hollywood - we got to climb with @prideofgypsies (who’s now officially the biggest person I’ve ever belayed. And probably strongest.) I also got to climb on the Hollywood sign (with permission). And the last is a photo of all the Oscar nominees for this year - if you look closely there are a bunch of recognizable faces, including the whole team that made @freesolofilm (@jimmychin, @chaivasarhelyi, @peconic21 and Shannon Dill). It’s been quite the whirlwind of events around LA now that the film is nominated for an Oscar. But still getting into the climbing gym each day (thanks @senderone and @touchstoneclimbing).

@jimmychin just gave me this picture from @freesolofilm of one of my practice burns up El Cap with @tommycaldwell. It perfectly captures the offwidth experience - face contorted, whole body straining, barely moving... it’s a lot like the process of touring with a film! We’re in the 20th week of release in theaters and it’s opening on @imax all across the country. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet you have until Feb 7th - the big screen really improves the experience. Though even IMAX isn’t quite as big as the real thing...

Free Solo is being released in @imax again from Feb 1-7th. I really can’t overstate how much more impressive it is on a huge screen, so if you haven’t seen it yet this is a great chance. (Or if you wanna go again and see El Cap in virtually life sized glory...) Also, the crazy movie trailer voice in the video makes me both cringe because it’s so over the top but simultaneously wish that my whole life was narrated that way. So epic!

@freesolofilm just got nominated for an Oscar! Whoa. What a crazy ride! @jimmy_chin pic.

Date night with @sannimccandless at the Producers Guild Awards for @freesolofilm. My first time wearing a tux (thanks @jaredleto for loaning me one - even if I felt like I was going to rip the seams apart all night). Is a tux something that a man should own or just rent from time to time?

One of the highlights of shooting @freesolofilm was spending 2 weeks in Morocco with @tommycaldwell. We were working on a big free climbing link up of the 3 proudest walls but Tommy spent our rest days finishing his book The Push. I had the pleasure of reading his latest draft on my computer while he polished it up on his computer. As a lifelong Tommy fan I naturally loved his draft, but I didn’t get to read the actual, final book until this week. It’s been my inspiration to come hit the climbing gym each day while I travel with the film. People ask me about inspiration and drive at every Q&A after Free Solo - I draw mine from people like Tommy. If you need something to help you get fired up for a training session you should definitely give it a read... it’s helped me immensely this week. (And also made me miss climbing with Tommy...) @jimmy_chin pic.

Free Solo is coming to IMAX!!! Next week @freesolofilm is opening on something like 100 big, big screens across the country (link in bio for locations/tickets). I just had the pleasure of watching it again on @imax and I have to say it blew my mind. So much more immersive and intense. Definitely the way that El Cap is meant to be seen. I personally will be doing Q&A’s at the AMC Empire in NYC tomorrow at 5:15 and Saturday at 2:30 and 5:15. Anyone around New York City should definitely come check it out. I have to say I was supremely impressed...

I just updated the @honnoldfoundation reading list to include all the books I’ve been reading during my film travels. A lot of time in transit means lots of time to learn (ideally, anyway. A lot of the time I’m just sleeping...). Check out the link in my bio for the complete list from the last few months. I feel like I’ve been on a pretty good streak.
Side note - I’d been meaning to update my list for a while but had been feeling too lazy when a stranger in the climbing gym approached me and started chatting about a few of my favorite books off of the list that he’d read. It was just the motivation I needed.
Let me know good recommendations, preferably nonfiction. Even more preferably related to the environment or energy.

My 2018 has been dominated by the release of @freesolofilm - it’s been an incredible whirlwind to tour around and support the film and I’ve been humbled by how the film’s been received. But I’m starting to really look forward to a new year of climbing adventures...ready for new challenges... Happy new year, everyone! I hope it’s full of adventure. @jimmy_chin pic.

Fun day at the local sport crag - loving the holiday vacation from the @freesolofilm tour! @taylor._shaffer photo (who’s a college student studying photography - it seems to be working!)

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