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Alex Grey  Mystic Visionary Artist, co-founder of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, with my wife, artist Allyson Grey.

"Humanity now faces challenges of enormous proportions; the survival of our species and thousands of life-forms are in the balance. A sacred understanding of all life is needed as a basis for compassionate and creative actions that serve and support life. I hope that in the dawn of this new millennium people will use the full range of spiritual practices to help transform the worldview of our materially fixated culture. Such a change in values will lead us toward a greater feeling of interconnectedness with all God's creatures and a deeper appreciation for the infinite richness and wonder of the cosmos and the equally infinite inner realms of being. The art Alex Grey is an encouraging indication that such transfiguration is possible."
-Albert Hofmann, foreword to Alex Grey's book, "Transfigurations."

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Happy 75th Anniversary of Bicycle Day!! Here's my recent painting Albert Hofmann and the New Eleusis. In 2017 I painted a portrait of Dr. Hofmann overlaid with a diagram of the LSD molecule and surrounded with images that tell a Psychedelic history. Thank you Dr. Hofmann for initiating a consciousness revolution so humanity may reclaim the spiritual love at the heart of us all.

Happy Bicycle Day! Here's my new painting called "Albert Hofmann and the New Eleusis" and Allyson and I will be speaking about it on our Bicycle Day Tour. Tonight we are in SF.

"Alienation from nature and the loss of the experience of being part of the living creation is the greatest tragedy of our materialistic era. It is the causative reason for ecological devastation and climate change.
Therefore I attribute absolute highest importance to consciousness change. I regard psychedelics as catalyzers for this. They are tools which are guiding our perception toward other deeper areas of our human existence, so that we again become aware of our spiritual essence. Psychedelic experiences in a safe setting can help our consciousness open up to this sensation of connection and being one with nature. LSD and related substances are not drugs in the usual sense, but are part of the sacred substances, which have been used for thousands of years in ritual settings. The classic psychedelics like LSD, Psilocybin and Mescaline are characterized by the fact that they are neither toxic nor addictive.
It is my great concern to separate psychedelics from the ongoing debates about drugs, and to highlight the potential inherent to these substances for self-awareness, as an adjunct in therapy, and for fundamental research into the human mind. It is my wish that a modern Eleusis will emerge, in which seeking humans can learn to have transcendent experiences with sacred substances in a safe setting.

I am convinced that these soul-opening, mind-revealing substances will find their appropriate place in our society and our culture." -Dr. Albert Hofmann, April 19th, 2007. . . .

Check out the St. Albert Prayer Card here:

"The first LSD trip, April 19th, 1943, is widely known as "Bicycle Day" because of Hofmann's wild bike ride from his lab to his home through the streets of Basel... The last element I painted on his portrait was a little bike-riding Hofmann..." -Alex Grey.
Can you find the bike-riding Hofmann? Let's see deeply...
. . .
Featuring a detail of Alex Grey's painting, "St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution", 2005-06.

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"Art shows the entire spectrum of character, from shallow and pathological ugliness to radiant and mystical beauty."
-Alex Grey, "The Mission of Art," page 29.
. . .
Featured art: "Holy Fire" panel 2, painting by Alex Grey, 1986-87.

Get an introduction to Ayurvedic cuisine, a cooking class led by Michael Burdi at CoSM May 6th.

"The most beautiful and most profound emotion that we can experience is the sensation of the mystical."
-Alex Grey, "The Mission of Art," page 59.

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