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Alex Cantrall  Music Producer/ Sony BMG 🎼 Writer, Supa-Dad👨‍👧Basketball, Yoga, Bulldogs and life-long Friends🏀🧘🏻‍♂️🐕 Spiritual Journey✨ It’s a wonderful life

Congratulations🎉💍❤️ to our very good friends “Stephen and Courtney Stahl”. They were married last night in an absolute “picture perfect” Malibu wedding. I love them both... and wish them so much happiness❤️❤️❤️ #stephenstahl #courtneyjenae #hellokylieofficial #jeffhoeppner

Just wrapped week two of shooting Disney’s “Ravens Home”🎥📺🐭 (Kylie plays a child genius doctor... so much for type casting) 😩😂😂 Sometimes you gotta sit back and enjoy the journey❤️🤟

In Chicago, kicking off the “Follow your Dreams” tour with some crowd surfing🏄🏻‍♀️ such a fun event. Thank you “Team Choey” for bringing Kylie on the road to perform🤟🎤🎼

Denver, Co. I took my Brother Craig to meet up with Kylies besties, Sharlize and Shariah, so they could give us a tour of their haunted dance studio. (We left some open space in the upper left of the picture hoping the Ghost would photo bomb us) 👻🙌

I read a parenting book, years ago, that said “If you laugh at your kids when they’re doing something bad... they’ll just continue to do it to get a reaction out if you”!

Hey Guys, this is Kylie and I on the set of the Disney Show “Bizaardvark”! Kylie got the chance to shoot a couple episodes last year, and the 1st one airs this Friday at 5:30 called “Paige is Wrong”. Make sure you check it out 😉 She plays a quick witted kid agent who also finds a reason to hit the “moonwalk”. (Idk how Disney does it)😂😂😂

We took a meeting with “Roc Nation”. Rihanna has been signed there forever... so once they started talking about getting her and kylie on a record together, “I knew Kylie was sold”! Haha. Nice team though... and no doubt Jay Z is all about the business! Who knows where tomorrow will take us???

I have always viewed the music business like playing chess. “You can’t win the game by only making forward moves... sometimes you move backwards to put yourself in a better position for victory”. Kylie received her 1st recording contract offer in Feb of 2016. But I passed saying “She’s too young and needs to work hard developing as an artists if she is going to put herself in a position for real success”. And success is not signing your name on a contract. Real success comes when you know you did everything you could to use the last 24 hrs to improve yourself as an artist. So, tomorrow you can wake up a stronger dancer, singer, actress, etc. You have to view each of these moments as just “steps”... not an actual finish line. As we complete out final label meetings, I have to ask myself “How many pawns do we sacrifice so that she can continue to play the game”? When there are still so many steps left to climb. (Pictured here with: Barry Weiss (Sony Records President), Kylie, Ron Perry (Sony Chairman/CEO), Walter Milsap (Music Legend))

“Relax, find your inner peace. Be mindful of precious moments. Everything you desire is already yours just open yourself to the Universe to receive” -Flava Flav

I took these three Lil’ Rockstars to a Billie Eilish concert last night. Billie Is one of the biggest up and coming new artists. I spent half the night talking with the execs who signed her to Interscope Records. They said she created everything herself... her music, her image, her fan base! And she is still only 15yrs old. I want these kids to see what’s possible... so close they can touch it. NOW REACH!!! #hellokylieofficial #sharlizetrue #skykatz

So proud to catch my good friend, Ashley Parker Angel, starring on Broadway, in “WICKED”! Ashley and I met in 2000, while working on his album, with the group OTown. And our friendship has lasted through us working together on multiple albums and even a couple Reality MTV series. And with all that history it made me even prouder watching him “steal the show” last night. (I kept telling myself “Yeah, I think he learned a little bit of that from me”) 🤣 Ash, thank you for such an awesome evening. From the tickets- to the “behind the scenes” tour- to the midnight greasy pizza run. You really made it a night that Kylie and I will never forget. (Plus Kylie went from thinking our humor was ridiculous, to actually finding us quite “entertaining”) 😁 So proud to see you killlin it Brotha🙌 meet you in LA🌴🌞 (pictured backstage with “Glinda the Good Witch” AKA: Amanda Jane Cooper, Kylie, Ashley and I)

Music has given me a lifetime of wonderful moments. Here is one I won’t soon forget❤️ An electrifying 24hrs in NY with the brightest light in Time Square⭐️

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