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Alex Cantrall  Music Producer/ Sony BMG 🎼 Writer, Supa-Dad👨‍👧Basketball, Yoga, Bulldogs and life-long Friends🏀🧘🏻‍♂️🐕 Spiritual Journey✨ It’s a wonderful life

Out for an early breakfast ☕️🥞 (maybe it’s a little too early😴 I look like I could use another two hours of sleep)⏰😭

Even though this woman on the far right spent her teenage years torturing me, I wouldn’t trade her for any other Sister🤷🏼‍♀️ thank u Cristi for coming out to join Kylie and I on the road, tearing up Columbus. I love you Sis❤️ PS. Kylie still can’t believe that you made it to the Radio before me🤣🎼

Sorry here is the one minute version of this song! So happy that @hellokylie could meet up with @maetasworld in Indianapolis to hit this @Beyonce cover. Good music🎤🎼

This generation cracks me up🤣always able to find time to hit a “Selfie”📸🙌 #sixflagsjacksonnewjersey #jacobsartorius #haydensummerall #hellokylieofficial

I can’t say enough “good thangs” about these two dudes🙌 The creators and producers of the new@Gabby Duran show, Mike Alber and Gabe Snyder (pictured here with Carol, Kylie and I) are hilarious, uber talented and over all just great guys 💯so incredible to work with people I look forward to hanging out with👍😉 @mikealber @gabesnyder @hellokylie @carolborjas @disneychannel @gabbyduranandtheunsittables

So excited to announce more tour dates!!! If you’d like to catch Kylie on the road with Jacob Sartorius, Hayden Summeral, Lexi Jade and the rest of TEAM CHOEY... hit me up for tickets and I’ll get you on the VIP guest list

Kylie and I have always played this game “Who can find the best singer on YouTube”! I found (Maetasworld) And Kylie immediately did a cover, of her cover❤️🎼 Send me links to “who you think the best singers are”??? The Middle @marrenmorris @zedd @maetasworld

Yup it’s official “Gabby Duran and the Unsittables” is coming to Disney! Kylie has been working on this project for some time and she is so excited to share it with everyone in 2019! Special thanks to Mike Alber, Gabe Snyder, Joe Nussbaum, Sheryl Levine, Rose Marziale, @jsmonti, JudyTaylor and Gary Marsh! Plus the wonderful cast of @hellokylie, Nathan Lovejoy, Valery Ortiz, Max Donovan, Coco Christo and Callan Farris. See full article in my bio link!!!

The “Time-Machine” worked⚙️⏰🕹💥 Kylie and I spent all yesterday in 1988... trying to explain to everyone why we “won’t” have flying cars in 30 years🚀 (I didn’t have the heart to mention the whole Donald Trump thing)😩

Gym Selfie✔️ Now my goal for tomorrow... to “actually” work out💪🏻🏋️‍♀️ (build gradually) 😩🤣😂

I brought Kylie with me to the studio last night... and somehow it turned into HER session! #hellokylie #torikelly

My buddy sent me this picture this morning. (Kylie and I, an hour after her show in Dallas) I’ve been on the road with dozens of my artists. People think you remember the cool venues, the performances or the cheers from the crowd. The truth is you remember the relationships, the bond you form with the people who are also out there with you, doing what THEY love. The fact that I get to share this with my daughter... well I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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