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Alex Benoit  "Champions are defined by what they do when no one is watching"


A huge thank you to @brettbeinerphotography for these new headshots!

Got out and exercised my rights today!!!
Now I will say that I noticed that I was the youngest in the room by several decades... PLEASE (I'm looking at you, Millenials) find the time to get to a polling place and speak. With early voting taking place from 15 to 1 day(s) prior to EVERY election, there is no reason for your voice not to be heard!


This whole event was basically created for millennial instagram purposes... So here you go...

The view from "work" for the day!

Enjoy this PSA starring Sadie...

Sweater ✔
Bonfire ✔
Fall ✔

Hi, my name is Sadie and I love when Uncle Alex surprises me with a visit!

Love NYC, but Chicago will always be home!

Another beautiful trip to NYC comes to a close!
Till next time!

Having this view 6 days after the seventeenth anniversary of a dark day in human history, I'm reminded not of sadness, but of the good that can come from people.

The good that comes from millions of people, all different in color, creed, and religion, working together and rebuilding OUR home.

We continue to live in times conquered by fear. While it is important to remember those lost, we must be wary not to lose ourselves in the dangerous circle of fear and hatred.

Cherish the time we have with care, strive to do better. Remember the lost, but conquer not with fear. Conquer with love for all, and a goal to overcome together, not apart.

Beautiful day to live in Chicago!

Did you really think I wasn't going to post on National Dog Day???... As if... @asettercalledsadie

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