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💖💛 When it comes to my business and life,
I’m reallyyyyy into intention-setting,
meditation, affirmations, and energy work.

People often ask me what that looks like …

Today I sat down, did a 15 minute meditation
and body-scan, followed by a 15 minute session
of what I like to call “getting aligned and
calling in what I want” by speaking it out loud.

Here’s the first half, word for word, shared
below. I hope you can take it, and use it
for your own life + business.

Just swap out my details for yours:

Thank you for surrounding me with abundance. ・
Thank you for all the many ways in which I’m
supported in my life.

Thank you for the incredible people who
surround me.

Thank you for allowing me to stand in my truth
and do what is best for me at all times.

Thank you for allowing me to deepen the
connection and relationship I have with myself.

Thank you for providing me with every single
opportunity that is going to help me expand
and take this life to the next level.

Thank you for encouraging me to be of service.

I am so grateful to be alive. I am so grateful to
be here in this body.

I know what a grand opportunity it is to be
here, and I am grateful for it.

Thank you for always guiding me in my

Thank you for showing me all that is possible.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

Thank you for allowing me to create the team
of my dreams.

Thank you for loving, guiding, and supporting

Thank you for helping me connect the dots.

Thank you for helping me see the importance
of taking care of myself.

I appreciate the journey I’m on.

Thank you for guiding me to be clear of my
intentions every single day.

Thank you for supporting me and the team as
we move into this new chapter.

Thank you for supporting us as we evolve and

Thank you for the $xxxxxx launch of Gram
Slam! ・
I’m excited to help people spread their
message online and step into their greatness.

I love my life, I love my job, I love my business, I
am excited to be here to serve.


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💖💛 Ahhhhh it’s been such a crazy, fast-paced day. You know those days where at the end of it all you sit back and you just feel absolutely depleted of energy, and you wonder how you’re going to accomplish anything else for the rest of the day? Yup … that’s totally me right at this very second haha.😅

Today we filmed what felt like *a million* videos for Gram Slam promotion. 🎥 You’ll probably see them creep up on your news feeds at some point next week 😌. The best part was that even though they were technically ‘promo videos’, we tried to make them AS FUN AS POSSIBLE. Seriously, today was full of *so much laughter*. Check my Instagram stories if you don’t believe me hahaha. I’m so grateful to have this work environment 😩😍.

To be honest … I’m not really sure what to write in this moment, so … I’m just gonna share a few fun facts about today. Hope that’s cool 😉...

1// I knew today was going to be a draining day, so I booked someone to come and style my hair so that I didn’t have to. It made me feel super grateful because back in the day this was never an option for me. I was always trying to save every penny in my business and investing in someone to do my hair simply wasn’t in the budget. This little win shows me how far I’ve come and makes me proud.⭐️

2// OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH … I have a growing team. Today I had Cath (our creative director slash executive assistant) AND Miguel (outsourced copywriter slash creative genius) here on set helping me film all day. GUYS. This is huge. Again, I’ve never had so much support before and I’m so. freaking. grateful. Plus we make a GREAT TEAM and were surrounded by laughter all day. I love it, more of this please!

3// My boyfriend is amazing. He has created the most beautiful outdoor space for us, and I love his growing obsession with plants (just take one look at his Instagram Story from today and you’ll see what I mean —> @nicholashugginsdesign).

All in all … I may feel exhausted after a full day of shooting … but life is pretty damn good.😁

What’s one fun fact you can share with me about *your* day? I want to hear from you. For real though.

(Aka your business bestie)💖💛

💖💛 What’s one thing you’re incredibly grateful for?

Photo by the amazing @annawithlove

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💖💛 This week I brought back MONDAY MANTRAS. Make sure to check out my story for the FULL break down. It’s in my highlights —> @alexbeadon

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Are you happy Monday Mantras are back? 😁 What did you think of the first one back? Hit me up and let me know ⬇️

💖💛 Happy birthday to the one and only @nicholashuggins, who is not one for public displays of affection but... it’s your birthday so today I will SCREAM FROM THE INSTAGRAM ROOFTOPS how much I love you and appreciate having you in my life. You inspire me in so many ways and I’m grateful for you every damn day. 😍🙏🏼✨🌺 I’m so happy you’re alive and I’m excited to witness your continued growth and success over the next year. Happy birthdayyyyy! Never forget the year of the surprise birthday sleepover party 😁🤗👏🏼🎉💕 •
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Help me put a smile on his face and wish Nick a happy birthday in the comments! 😁👏🏼💃🏼⬇️

💖💛 Monday mood.

Share a goal you want to accomplish this week ⬇️

I’ll be including mine before the end of the day. 💁🏼‍♀️✨

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💖💛 To my mother: a day will never go by that I do not feel blessed beyond measure to have you in my life. ✨ Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for always being my number one supporter since day one, and for consciously creating the best environment for me growing up so that I never doubted my ability to make things happen. 🤗🙏🏼 I love you forever and I am grateful for you today and every day. 😘😘😘

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💖💛 Wondering how to use the brand new Instagram Story Sliders? ✨ GUYS .. I’ve got you covered. Watch the video above for all the info!

I tried to squeeze as much of this into 1 minute as possible but here are TWO EXTRA TIPS: ⬇️⬇️⬇️

☑️ Try changing your text color by selecting a color (above the keyboard)

☑️Try changing the background color of your slider by pressing the ‘A’ icon at the top, center of the screen and selecting a color of your choosing.

🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 If you appreciated this tutorial, please share by tagging 3 friends who’d want to know about this new feature, too! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Love ya’ll!
Alex 💖💛

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💖💛 As you all know, I am my own boss. And while it’s *awesome*, it also comes with so many responsibilities (taxes, customer service, content creation, growth strategies and more!).

One thing I’ve learned is that in order to show up and give value at my highest level, it requires I take excellent care of myself.

That’s why sometimes I do things that don’t look “productive” from the outside.

Just yesterday I woke up and tuned into the fact that I was feeling overworked. Instead of diving into work as I normally would, I went for a run, I got my nails done, I ran some errands and went to lunch at one of my *favorite* places with Nick.

These are things that may not seem productive to your business but the truth is: when you take care of YOU, when you fill up YOUR CUP, you’re able to show up with so much more presence and value when you *do* get back to work.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is PAUSE and take care of yourself. REMEMBER THAT.

In case you’re wondering how to implement this into your own life, here are a few ideas:

read a book 💕 give yourself a full body massage 💕 write a list of what you’re grateful for 💕 day dream on positive things 💕 play 💕 treat yourself to a delicious dinner 💕 tell someone why you appreciate them 💕 go for a run 💕meditate 💕 get enough sleep 💕 give yourself a day off 💕 write yourself a love letter 💕 be in nature 💕 go on a date with yourself 💕 do something creative and fun 💕 move your body in any way that feels good 💕 watch something that will make you laugh 💕 go for a walk 💕

The activities that make you feel alive and taken care of are going to be different for everyone so discover what works best for YOU and make it happen *today*!

That’s right, I’m challenging you to take action on this TODAY. Choose one thing you’re going to do to take care of yourself today, and share it on your story (make sure to tag me).

Guess what? I even created a super cool template for you to use in my Instagram Story so go check it out and feel free to use it in your own story!

Here’s to creating a life that’s nourishing,

P.S. Let me know what *you’re* going to do today ⬇️⬇️

💖💛 Advice I wish I could go back in time and give to myself ... 🎁😌

Did you enjoy this video? Unfortunately I’m not a mind reader, so let me know 😉🔮✨

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💖💛 You don’t have to stress and struggle in order to ‘earn success’. I’m addicted to asking myself this question because so often a simple shift in our perception can help us see the path of least resistance (which is the quickest path to ‘success’). Use it for yourself the next time you’re up against a wall and see what happens!

Side note: did you check out my IG Story from today? I share what’s going on behind-the-scenes of my biz, and I think you might like it 😁💛

What’s one thing you’re struggling with that you could shift your perspective around? ⬇️📝

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Alex 💖✨

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💖💛 Quick Alex Beadon History Lesson:
The Spark Lounge started as a FREE Facebook Group back in 2013.🌱

In 2015 it morphed into a monthly membership site at only $9.99 a month. 🌿

In 2017 it morphed into a $2000, 6 month private group coaching program including weekly Business-Building Challenges, 4 Live Group Q&A Calls a Month, and access to a private facebook group.🌳

Yesterday we celebrated the very last of our Live Q&A Calls together and it was bittersweet. ☎️

Lives were changed. Life-long friends were made. Confidence was deeply installed.💎

These women are NEW WOMEN because they put in the hard work, they WALKED THE TALK, and they had a support system and accountability along the way. 💻💪🏼


Last night’s call was full of tears, deep reflection, and commitment to this entrepreneurial journey. 📞😭

But the one thing that was *most* apparent was the relationships built through this experience. A sense of COMMUNITY that can never be replaced. 👯‍♀️

What an honor it has been to witness your transformations, thank you for your commitment to The Spark Lounge and I hope everything you learned continues to support and nourish you for years to come. 🙏🏼✨🔶

I love you guys! 💕


( food for thought: 🍏💭 where’s the entrepreneurial community and support system in *your* life? How did you find them? And If you’re missing them in your life, what’s stopping you from finding them? share below! )

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