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Yesterday, I wore shorts to do my cardio. I saw the cellulite around my legs, got extremely upset, one thought lead to another, and then left before finishing.
I am human and frequently get into my own head but I'll keep short and sweet: don't do what I did. Be better than that. You are your worst critic. 99.9% of woman have cellulite on their legs and "rolls" on their stomach when they sit. Woman are meant to have fat on their bodies. There are good days, and there are not so good days (mentally). Yesterday was not the best, but took that and made sure today was a good day. Today I feel great, and you should too❣️
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Couldn't even lift my arms after this😅
Rear Delt High Row 4 x 15 SS (right into/without rest)
Dips 4 x 15

Mega (ish) type of set:
Start seated to isolate your shoulders (for 10 reps), stand up (for 8), then allow yourself to cheat (for 6) do this 4 times 
Song: Jump by Lupe Fiasco ft Gizzle 
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Well, I want to live until 120 years old. Not just live until 120, but LIVE until 120. I don't want to be crippling around a nursing home with a cane, lacking the capability to even remember who my family members are (sad truth). I want to be jamming the hell out at my great granddaughter's wedding, be able to take care of myself, and ENJOY my life.
Think into the future, what do you see yourself? How do you see your quality of life?
I workout, eat healthy, life a healthy lifestyle etc. because I know not only will it result in the best version of myself now, not only 20 years from now, but 100 years from now too. Let THAT be your motivation. And honestly when you change your lifestyle, you no longer need "motivation" it becomes habit and apart of your routine. Think into your future and picture how you see yourself. Let the vision you set for yourself be your motivation🙏🏽 _


Trained shoulders/tris/chest but still got that bicep vein tho😉
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Originally wasn't going to post this (thus the emoji for my weird facial expressions lmao), BUT I felt I should share with you/ document for myself my starting point, and was inspired when @courtneyduhning did this! -

Started my cut today weighing in at 134.6
The key with any fat loss is to SLOWLY decrease your calories. If anyone plans on cutting for summer, please remember this! Don't wake up and decide you're going to cut out all carbs, cut your calories in half, and start doing 6 days of cardio☝🏼
For this week...
Calories: from 2100-1250➡️1800-1850 (posted on my story everything I ate today if you're interested in my macros)
Cardio: 0 days per week➡️ 3x week LISS 20 min
Excited for what is in store😈 -

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August 2016 ➡️ March 2017
Nothing HUGE between these pictures, but I know how hard I have worked and I'm damn proud of that! Progress is NOT linear! I've fallen off track, took time off, not followed my diet, lost motivation and struggled more times than I can count on two hands these past few months..BUT.. as long as your positive efforts outweigh your set backs, you WILL see progress. Slow and steady! You can't expect to be perfect all the time- it's not maintainable. Recognize your efforts, recognize your hard work and whether it be big or small, recognize your progress! -

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Idk man I think I'm ready to tap out on this bulk. I keep going back and forth. Pushing food is much, much harder than you would think- even for a foodie like myself😶
I'm 5'3", pushing about 2150-2200 cals and I now weigh about 133-134
Referring to the post @amandalatona made the other day, I am in constant we want ass or do we want abs lol
One second I'm like.. I gotta eat to grow these glutes.. and the next I want to lean out for some lines back! I feel so full, bloated, and heavy some days (most actually lol), but have to just remind myself that no muscles will grow without all of the food.… but summer is coming and I want to have some shreds.. back and forth.. back and forth..😅
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LITTLE BABIES!!!! Love you more than words can express. You're growing to be absolutely incredible people and you make me very, very proud❤️ (had to slide those old ones in xoxo)

My mans made an appearance😉

Wider back = smaller looking waist!!!!! Build your curves!💪 Doesn't it freaking fascinate you that you can literally mold and shape your body to look absolutely ANY way you want?
Want a smaller looking waist? Build your lats and shoulders! Want a bigger butt? Grow those glutes!💁🏽 Want a more curvy figure? Build those legs!
(Please note: to build any muscle, you need to be eating in a surplus!!) -

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Be careful who you take advice from, buy plans from, sign on with or look up to. If someone is genetically blessed with abs, it may not mean they know what they're doing in the gym. Just because someone is thin does not mean they practice healthy eating habits. Just because someone has a big butt doesn't mean their program will work for your body. Just because someone is "lean" does not mean they have more knowledge than someone who is a bit "fluffier" (or not taking enhancement drugs, i.e.). Catch my drift?👌🏽 What one person does may not work for you. I can almost guarantee that, actually. Stop judging off of one's physique and pick who you look up to very wisely

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DYINGGG as I was editing this. You were CAUGHT, my friend😈
Full PUSH Workout (chest, tris, shoulders)  Smith machine bench press 3 x 12
Seated smith machine overhead press 3 x 8
 Lying DB flys 3 x 10
 Seated lateral raises 3 x 10
 Skull crushers 3 x 12  Seated front raise 3 x 10
 Cable lateral raises 3 x 10
 Underhand cable chest fly 3 x 12
Reverse grip cable push down 3 x 12 ·
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Style: 80's mom lol •
Stop telling yourself you're going to start tomorrow, or Monday, or next week. Make the change now- like right now!
Time is too precious to put off things any longer. Start now. The longer you wait, the less likely it will happen. Whether that be something as big as losing 20 lbs, or something as small as drinking more water. You deserve the best for yourself, you deserve to succeed in everything you do, and you deserve to be your best self. Achieving those things will seem so difficult if you put off reaching your goals any longer! Start now and stop making things harder for yourself. Happy Tuesday🤗 •

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How aesthetic can huge bowl of carbs possibly be, you ask?🤔 One of my FAVORITE recipes, LOW FAT (great for post-workout), super HIGH VOLUME, and so so satisfying ✔️Macros (w/o toasted coconut)
300 cal/ 42 carb/4 fat/ 24 protein * 2 packages of oat-fit (100 cal instant oatmeal * 138 g liquid egg whites * 30 g frozen peaches and raspberries (or your desired fruit) * Added 8g toasted coconut
* * * * ☝🏼Microwave oatmeal with water and fruit for 1 minute, add your egg whites
* * * ✌🏼Microwave another minute, stir, then 1 last minute (3 total minutes). I usually add extra water after and stir. Add desired toppings! Enjoy😉👌🏽 #MacroFriendly #Recipe #MoreAestheticThanMe #ItsFine #Delicious

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