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Just thinking about KFCs famous bowls

Just need a boob and nose job and my lips filled in and I’ll be perf🤘🏽

🤘🏽Happy Friday

Story time:
This time last year I was hiding out at my ex’s house for a few days to avoid my warrant from my DUI VOP. I finally turned myself in after 2 days and got sentenced to 90 days in jail. During that time I wrote to myself every night (still have my letters lol) about the things I wanted to achieve throughout my life and not live a criminal way of life (as this was my 4th arrest) I got out and realized I needed to surround myself with better people. I’ve let go of toxic friends and family and have been focusing on my own toxic traits (trust me I have a lot) and bettering myself day by day. Along the way, I started a new job and made friends who want to help me grow as a person in every way. A year ago I had literally hit rock bottom: doing multiple drugs, drinking (I still drink but don’t we all), fighting, not paying bills, evictions, and a few suicide attempts. BUT today, a year later, I am thriving and continuing to work on myself as a human. I enrolled in school to finish my vet degree next year. Ive gotten back into the gym. I paid off all my overdue bills from the past year. I’ve started traveling around. Doing big things for myself. Making myself happy. So a big thank you for my family and the friends that stuck around throughout my dark days. And a BIG thank you to my ex for seeing me in jail every Sunday and answering my calls. You were a big part of my small crazy dark life and I’ll never be able to thank you enough. So well, here’s to me being a better me a year later and thank you again everyone who’s been by my side to this day. I’ll continue to make myself a better person😊

One of us blacked out pretty bad and the other got a nice cut above the eye. I’ll let you decide 😅

It’s like 98 degrees outside

Are we even best friends if we don’t finish at the same time? @katiesfootsteps Can’t wait for Maine🤘🏽💕 Also look at my mini foam stash😂

Just a dad appreciation post❤️ Thanks for stepping up and raising me as one of your own and for never hating me (even though I’ve done and got into some really dumb shit). I love you dad. You da best❤️ Xoxo

Feat. my weird ass knees and my non-matching self 🤙🏽

They say the world is your oyster (or something like that)... and well, here I am being an oyster by the sea☀️

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