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Kirsten Jordan 🇵🇷  • Restored ♥️ • Wifey to Solomon 🤴🏾@kingofsolomon • Worship 🙌🏽 • 🎉U N F I L T E R E D LIQUID LIPSTICKS🎉 🎉COMING SOON 🎉2. 1. 2019. @_unfilteredme_

I may look like the back of a milk carton 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. But hey! I tried y’all. I’ll leave the modeling for the models! 😂😂😂😂 Thank you to @shantel.escobar For making me feel so comfortable and fierce !!! I adore you my amazing talented friend!

None the less - this is my staple liquid lipstick in “UNFILTERED” herself. This is one of my lighter shades! I have another extra special nude shade for my deeper skin beauties

All other sneak peeks of names and colors will come later on in December VIA @_unfilteredme_ You’ll have to wait until then! 🙃🙈🤷🏻‍♀️😘!

#Repost @_unfilteredme_ ・・・

Here’s SNEAK PEAK of one our liquid lipsticks! We call her: “Unfiltered” aka “Kirsten’s favorite nude”

To live UNFILTERED... is to live in the freedom that was purchased for you via Jesus Himself.

Photographer Goddess: @shantel.escobar
Model : @glowgonerogue


For as long as I can remember... I’ve found so much fulfillment in assisting others in their visions and dreams. I genuinely LOVED being the “Timothy” to the “Paul’s” in my life. I’m a girl from the hood in Bronx, NY. And it’s crazy how God plucked me from there and He has ALWAYS strategically placed me around women who have drastically changed my life and prepared me for these moments.

Ive had the honor to serve under some insane amazing women with vision like Lindsey & Heather. In those 7-10 years of serving , it taught me organization, leadership, “excellence” & how to lead worship (execute team leadership and dynamics). I learned so much discipline, how to literally be strategic in business planning and preparations, and learning if you plan wisely - there are no excuses. How emotions are temporary but the effects of your obedience or lack their of - last forever. And I have LOVED every minute. I’m SO thankful for every second of the years I’ve gotten to experience and serve these women. •
If you’re in position to serve - SERVE. And do it will ALL your heart. You’re being developed and it’s for you’re good. Don’t ever be so busy complaining about your season you MISS what you’re suppose to be learning. Don’t ever think it’s without purpose! I’ve learned SO MUCH. 🗣🗣 And don’t be so ready to build a vision you skip building your character‼️. The lessons I’ve soaked in have prepared me and changed me for the better. It was because the obedience of others that I was able to be developed.

This is the first time , I have a vision in me to birth. However - I always remember I SERVE THE Visionary. You can never operate the vision or dream you have to its fullest potential without the Holy Trinity. PERIOD. I used to never understand the WHYS behind certain seasons of my life. And now I look back and say “ah God I see what You did there!”. And to be honest, serving the vision of others has always been easier for me - because believing for myself and stepping out in faith was/is the scariest thing and I’m SLOWLY coming out of my shell. “Fear” isn’t something you’ll ever stop feeling, but don’t let it stop you - PERIOD.

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