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Alexandria Vallely  ☥ i do women’s work ⧚ vegan catering ☾ conscious channelings ⟁ london based moon circles NEXT NEW MOON CIRCLE - 8th DECEMBER 7-10pm @bhutilondon

going to have a much needed break. I’ve slipped back into old habits and am constantly checking my phone, and have noticed some insecure feelings and comparing myself to others coming out so I want to nip that in the bud ASAP ❤️ who knows how long I’ll last ⭐️

offerings to the goddess
she resides within us all 💜💜💜
introducing the practice of prayer back into my life has just made the world of difference 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

art by @gabriellarosie 💕✨💖

thanks to all the beautiful ladies that came to last nights new moon circle 🦂🌛
13 of us gathered under the energy of the new moon in Scorpio and shared in prayer, song, connection, meditation and joy ❤️
it’s such an important thing to show up for yourself and commit to doing your work in this way!
my last circle in this country will be on the 8th December at bhuti. as it’s a Saturday night we are going to have a longer circle, in the big yoga studio, plus some festive celebration including dancing and food sharing.
so if you want to meet a gorgeous group of soul sisters then please do come to meet with us in sacred space
with love and gratitude 🌹❤️

i feel the Saturn return begin its path.
the opportunities are seemingly endless for me right now, but also coming and going so quickly.
making no plans is one of the hardest things I have to do in this period, but it’s essential to follow my true path and trust in the abundance of the universe and the lessons and beauty the goddess herself and creator has in store for me ✨✨✨

divine feminine art via @hollyvin ⭐️

thanks @purezzauk
for the sexiest vegan pizza I ever did see 😍🍕
refuel after late night bonfire antics ⚡️

💜📷 vía @marybethlarue

dreamy Sunday nights by the fire 🔥
playing, creating and praying.
sometimes having no plans can be so terrifying for me, and I’m waking up to how much I use external forces for a distraction. food, tv, books, music. some are healthier than others of course, but ultimately it’s all things that keep the thoughts at bay from me. trying to find the balance but also not to be too harsh on myself during these slower winter months ✨
Also I’m so enjoying learning this new instrument after being randomly gifted it by a friend last month, I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m loving creating my own music and the instruments seem to be coming my way this year including a harmonium, drum and djembe✨

if you want to join us for our next beautiful gathering of women - the next date is to celebrate the new moon on Wednesday the 7th november.
come and be in stillness and gratitude, song and prayer, sisterhood and friendship. let’s enjoy the beauty and magic that arises when we meet together to share dreams and goals 💜
@bhutilondon from 7-9pm
see you there 💜

celebrating my ancestors tonight following the day of the dead (el día de Los Muertos) traditions.
setting a place at my table and leaving food for them to enjoy is a beautiful practice. singing medicine songs for my grandparents and giving thanks for the life they gave and all they did. feeling my grandparents sitting behind me and showering me with love and healing whilst I sing and chant and pray for their souls 🎃
this powerful energy is around until tomorrow night. use it wisely, gracefully and carefully. the veil is thin ✨💜


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