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Today is national acts of kindness day. I don't know who comes up with these things, but this one I like a whole lot. ❤️ #kindnesscanchangetheworld

The way out, is in. ✨ #shityogissay

But seriously, just for a moment, can you quiet in to the beat of your heart?
Notice how the defenses you might have built to protect yourself from sadness also block happiness. Do you have the courage to allow them to soften & feel everything?
Forgive yourself for the shit you're carrying. & while you're at it, forgive others & release that shit too.
Cultivate empathy for yourself. Then share that same sense of loving kindness to each person you meet.
Whether we like it or not, we're all in this together. The way out, is in. Start with you. Start today. You got this. We got this, together. ❤️

Happy to be home for a bit in the center of the heart shaped state ❤️

We were not "supposed" to be in Ohio this winter. Our plan put us in international waters at least by February. But we're here. & I'm actually happy we are.
Uncomfortable authenticity: the last 9 months have ripped me apart. Disconnection. Frustration. Groundlessness. Part of what pulled me to this wild sailing adventure was presence - getting away from the hustle & bustle to "really experience living", to really be alive. But that same sense of wishing the day to just be done found me in the work the boat needed. The lessons you are running from will find you, eventually. So I'm learning to let them. To get quiet. To listen. To have patience. To have faith. To be present with what is. Because that's all we get & if we can learn to let each moment matter, it's actually quite magical. #614

"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you." -Bethany Hamilton #youhavethepowertochangetheworld

I realized this morning that I have been giving myself a hard time.. Yeah, plans have fallen apart (uhh understatement, I think we're on plan p at this point) & it's totally uncomfortable not quite knowing what comes next, but resisting & resenting how life is unfolding isn't helping move us forward any faster.

So today I choose unconditional kindness.

Today I will follow the flow of life.

Today I practice patience.

Today I am here. Now.

#practiceandalliscoming 🙏

Sending my thoughts & prayers to all those in the storm's path. Our boat is still in VA. & for the first time, instead of that sentence eliciting dread, I'm relieved that we're not south. & grateful that Ohio is only a day's drive away. & I get to squeeze my momma on her birthday! See you soon Columbus. ❤️

if you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it, whatever your it is.

See you in ✌🏼️ weeks Charleston!

#finally😍 #hopeshefloats #handlettering

content af. #beachbum

so happy to have had a week here surrounded by family & the sea. & a/c. #happyplace

The sweat makes it sweeter. (at least that's what I've been telling myself 🙈) #transformationtuesday #hopeshefloats #hotaf

confession (okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but anyway): last night was the first time since we moved on board that I unrolled my mat. I mean I've done some forward folds & cat/cow-ed, but it was the first time I purposefully created space to practice. I'm very into "being mindful 24/7" being the "true" practice, but there is something different about specifically setting aside time. Part of it seems to be the intentional space for self care, but for me, the physical practice & mediation are also reminders to be present for whatever comes up. & knowing that the human experience isn't just happiness & good vibes. & that that's totally okay. 🙏 #namastebitches #yogaeverydamnday (for reals)

When you're craving grounding//stability//home after a frustrating, hot af day, you unroll your mat that your soul sister painted for you for some pranayama & chill. (& then, some wine) #namastebitches