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We all go through similar things and it’s so easy to be there for each other. Kindness is not overrated, gratitude is a gift.

If you think you’re my friend, you’re not. I have no friends. Nobody is here, nobody is helping me and nobody could care less about anyone else but themselves. I was cursed with high levels of empathy and all you is hurt me. I’d like to say I don’t know what to do, but I do and you don’t. Stop taking it out on me.

Don’t get sucked in to other’s problems. You have enough of your own.

The world is changing. Let’s change with it.

“Stuff” won’t make you happy but being rich of the stuff that makes you happy

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Give until you can’t no more

I just don’t know what to say anymore

I’ve come to realize there’s nothing left for me here

I just thought I’d let you guys know

Don’t be someone who ruins things. It’ll be better for the rest of us if you just go. For the rest of us.. let’s live a life worth remembering where people who suck don’t mean anything.

this happens all the time

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