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Alexandra Vlachos  Yoga enthusiast, plant momma, holistic healer and support for kiddos with ASD 🙏❤️🌻🌙 Bent my ear to hear the tune and closed my eyes to see 🎶

Another journey around the sun :) ✨✨🦋🦋🦋... So immensely grateful for the life I live and those I live it with 🙏thanks brotha for the candid :) it’s gonna be a good year :) ❤️
📷: @demevlachos

The sky was painted with strokes fire and ice during my hike :) So incredibly grateful for this beautiful state we live in. Amazing how a couple hours drive can completely change your scenery. Spent Halloween night in Flagstaff enjoying a brief glance at the changing leaves and the nostalgia of the orpheum...then spent the weekend in Tucson with yet more amazing scenery, unbelievable music, and of course people :) happy to call this place and these people my home 🙏 @jacobdaffner @spaffordmusic #hotelmontecristo #notathing

This week my body is forcing me to pause and to be gentle. Between illness and injury it’s almost as if it’s begging for me to listen better. Today I slow down :) I will not stress when my physical shape doesn’t match its usual peak. I won’t push for a straighter leg or a more open chest. I will breathe and say thank you for what I am able to do in my current state..because it is always enough 🙏🦋#compasspose #sundialpose #melttheego #listencloser #homepractice

Such an incredibly beautiful day. I felt so surrounded by light and love :) congratulations daddy and two deserve the world and I‘n so happy we could help you kick start your new life together ❤️✨

Such an awesome weekend spent with family and friends 💕so lucky to have an honorary sister like you @leedaff, I know @jacobdaffner agrees, you’re always gone too soon 🙏#soulsister 💇 and 📷: @jennielatona

Rainy days call for copal incense, cuddles from kitty and a home practice :) #wildthing #homepractice

Congratulations Mike and Emily :) such a beautiful ceremony for two beautiful souls 💕so happy to have been apart of your special day 🙏

Making space by creating shapes 🙏I always find exactly what I need on my mat. So grateful for this practice that continues to ground me but also pushes me to grow✨ 🦋#gateposevariation #homepractice #selfcareonasunday

I had a moment of pure bliss while reminiscing about my weekend in San Francisco today ✨✨, dancing, laughter, food, wine...and the company of some of the most incredible women around :) it’s not infrequent that I’m reminded, but I’m so lucky to have such an amazing circle of humans by my side. @leedaff thank you for being such a lovely hostess :) I hope my stick figure drawing will suffice until we can make it on your visitor wall for real next time (lucky for you I’m extremely artistic) I’m so blessed to have your brother as my partner and overjoyed to have a soul sister like you by my side. #leeves #imstillhungry #convertiblesaretoughnobodytellsyouthat #florenceisanangel 🙏

So incredibly excited to announce the launching of AiTHeRIA essential oils. I am working alongside my family in Greece to distribute these world class essential oils in the US! We are 100% organic, insecticide and pesticide free. We are completely homegrown and handpick all of our herbs in my family’s village in west Macedonia, Greece. Oils can be diffused as well as consumed directly. We also have cleaning products, hydrosols and tinctures :) be sure to follow @aitheriaessentialoils and check out our website and Facebook page as well! Subscribe at for 15% off your first online purchase 🙏message me for more details :) #essentialoils #aitheriaessentialoils #velventoskozani #holisticwellness #organic #familybusiness #handpickedherbs

When we were younger
We thought everyone was on our side
Then we grew a little
And romanticized the time I saw
Flowers in your hair🌻✨🦋

So much love in my heart for the people of this amazing city ❤️🎶Danced and sang til my feet and voice were sore (always a sign of a good time)...smelled fresh cut grass, toasted barley and trotting horsies... and ate alll of the soda bread. Until next time Ireland 🇮🇪 🍀 :) #templebar #howyakeepin #theblackstuff #guinessoverload

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