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Alexandra Roberts  Photographer based in Somerville, MA. Documenting people in places they love 🌲⛰🌲⛰ inquiries:

Sam was really jazzed on shipping containers this morning and really excited to show both Danielle and I this spot. ❤️

I didn't know climbers took breaks while they were up there. This shocked me as much as the time I found out people sometimes walk during marathons. You're not really shown that. Stopping, giving your hands, arms, legs, mind a break is totally normal and I had no idea! Sure makes things seem more attainable, doesn't it? Here is @nightmutephoto taking a pause to chalk up and check out his next move.

Someone in the group said Alex are you going to climb that crack? I took one look at it and said HA HA oh hell no. No way I could make it up what you see here x2 because the rest of it is out of the frame. I mean, where do you even put your feet? Never in my life would I have looked at this photo and thought "yeah that person looks relaxed" but the relief I felt the moment my hands reached that triangular gap was REAL! 📷: @z_kane #strugglebus #wednesdaysendsday

Elaina & Eric kickin it in from of my favorite neighborhood wall #fruitypebbles #unionsquare #somerville

Another snap from #wednesdaysendsday - this woman inspires me. Being around people like her makes me smile so much my cheeks hurt! During my last climb of the day I kept looking down at the group saying that I wanted to come down, it was too hard, I can't do it, my arms hurt, my legs are shaking, blah blah blah excuses excuses excuses. They all shook their heads no, and said we aren't letting you down. Those are the kinds of people you gotta surround yourself with, my friends! ❤️

Fall seven times, stand up eight #forceofnature #climberknees

Crag send-offs ❤️ #nemguides

Office day today putting finishing touches on these two, cannot complain about that! #goldilocksandthebeard

Someone else's post this morning inspired me to share a favorite memory with my mom. It was this day 11 years ago that she told me she was going to die. I thought, naw, you're fine! Look at you! You came back from this last year you'll totes come back from it again! And she pretended she was fine, laughed about it daily even - I think I inherited a little bit of that attitude. She died a couple months later. One of my favorite memories of those last days was in her delirium she asked for maple walnut ice cream from the place down the street. Of course I couldn't take her, she was in hospice care at this point and hadn't eaten real food in a while. The fact that she even remembered what ice cream was made her nurse raise an eyebrow. But I knew maple walnut was her favorite so there was something still in there. I begged the nurse to let me take her, and we packed her into the car and drove down the road. I handed her the maple walnut cone that she could barely hold herself and she gave it a few licks, her eyes went so wide with delight! She looked at me and told me to pick her up because she was going to have a seizure. I was 23. I picked her up and she dropped the ice cream on my head, and I laughed while she seized. I love the smell of anything maple walnut because it reminds me of the few seconds of pure happiness that we shared in such a dark place. A lesson I will carry with me forever. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, both dead and alive ❤

The most effective way to do it, is to do it 🖤

Just the incredible @nealpinestart catching his last air of the season yesterday! #nemguides #tuckermanravine #skitheeast

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