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ALEX 🍉  perth | A U S 🌴 @regainrevolution

Mum aka BOSS OF THE FAMILY thinking she can dictate the location of the cocktails / chips / beer / on the table?? My cocktail isn’t in the way of your food, your grubby little mits are in the way of my INSTA. 🤬That aside thoroughly enjoyed eating my body weight in falafel + hummus + hot chips at @islandmarket_trigg. Happy easter everyone 🤩

Running away from ______. A) my problems B) uni or C) literally nothing my life is fine except for MGMT3342 lectures 🙂🙂🙂 it’s C 🙂🙂🙂

“You finished with those menus?” 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Not sure what’s larger my smirking or my posing 🕺🏽👀

Took 1000 photos and this was the best we could get 🤗 🥂 + a huge congratulations to the two most beautiful people I know! 💍🍾 This wedding + weekend could not have been more perfect and you both could not be more deserving.❣️ @vanillasunday_ @culshaw921 #togetherforeverforshaw

Accurate ➡️🤪

Hi guys just back with my everyday sand-dune-look tutorial. For starters, sand is a great exfoliant. Try go on a day with afternoon winds exceeding 33km/hr to ensure maximal sand is sticking to your face. Secondly, when climbing the sand dunes make sure to look UP, and directly INTO the sand that is blowing at your face. The more sand you get in your eyes, the more your eyes will water, and the better this ‘natural mascara look’ will be as your tears accentuate your eyelashes. Last but not least, who wants to pay $399 for 1ml lip fillers when there are PLENTY of bull ants around that I’m sure would bite at your lips and give the same appearance. Tag me if you recreate this look and don’t forgot to like, share and subscribe! 🌟

Sitting on a big lump of sand wondering if all birds speak the same language. Please someone let me know ASAP. Thanks

Right before mum walked in on me double parked solo pre-ing in my room 🙂 “what’s in your hand” “wine” “what’s in your other hand” “also wine”... VERY proud mother, HIGHLY skilled daughter 🥂

Just holding a healthy bottle of kombucha... is not a smirnoff pure orange mango & soda 🙂 I love gut health 🙂

You know the love story’s legit when it’s got you crying in a club..... 😶 Nikita’s final fiesta before the fairytale is complete!👰🏼💍 Such a perfect night, feeling incredibly blessed to share these special moments with you. Not long now! 🍾 #cluckyforculshaw 🐥 @vanillasunday_ ❣️

Two truths and a lie: that's my jetski, the sky is blue, @mel_bell9 had 36 standos this day and rode around rottnest heLMETLESS @ rottnestpolice @ wapol 🚲#tourderotto

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