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Alex Dickinson  Mediaphile, #History Nerd, Michigander living in the District -- Follow me @alexmae

Heart and stomach very full this #galentinesday #piedancer

Hey @properpieco do you accept apprentices? Because today, I ate a piece of pie that was so good (and this is not an exaggeration) I cried. We came for the savory pies (which were exquisite) and had the Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb almost as an afterthought. I’m so glad we did because it was incredible. Best balance of flavors I have ever tasted paired with a deeply flavorful crust. Thank you to Joe for being a pie model. #PieSoGoodItMakesYouCry

So, Richmond is amazing and I love it there. Also, huge congrats to the awesome dudes of @cardinal_state_butchers - and selfishly I’m very happy to have you all as a reason to return to RVA.

Most of these are empty (and we were just saving the boxes for this moment) but as you can see our quest to #TryEveryOreo has been quite a success this past year.
#exoticoreo #exoticoreosighting #oreos #oreo #oreo🍪 #oreolover #oreothins #oreosarelife

Government shutdown hasn’t stopped everything in This Town.

One of my mom’s best friends got her a lot of “pills” (they’re candy) which have some pretty amazing directions. They all are available for refill by 2020, but some examples include: - Bestium: Used for feelings of inadequacy. - Be Bestium: Used for overcompensation of feelings caused by use of Bestium. - Prenewsium: Take 2 capsules before viewing cable news. - Newsium: Take one tablet by mouth prior to turning on any type of News Broadcast. Includes Rachel Maddow. - Postnewsium: Take as needed for news-induced nausea. - Gorsuchica: Take 1 tablet as needed for Kavanausea. - Milk of MAGA-nesia: Take one capsule by mouth pending loud, repetitive, explosive rhetoric.

My Christmas haul is pretty epic. I’m not sure a stack of books could better represent me.

Florence has been exceptionally cuddly today and has gifted me with the rare “paw to foot” touch. 😻

Decided to add a #HolidayArmadillo to this years decorations.

Omar angered multiple turkeys, roosters and some sheep. #omaradventures

Before coffee. After coffee.

This may be the cutest way this cat has ever slept. Turns out watching Hannibal brings out the sweetheart in her.

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