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ALEXANDRA CLIMENT  Creator of strange objects and furniture from weird woods I dig up from the jungle floor ✉️

Searching for a woodshop out here in LA with @lavenderdoodle has been quite interesting. I have a lot of my pieces out here so I’ve been looking for the perfect place to work if needed while I travel. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of shared spaces that aren’t marketed as a “shared space” (not sure if you know what I mean but I’m not looking for that either). Also, larger shops are doing their own thing and don’t seem interested in others coming in. Basically back in NY you can wonder around and hear a saw and walk in a see a bunch of guys working, ask em what’s up and go from there. If any of y’all know any good shops in the area, let me know! They usually aren’t listed, you’ve probably just walked by and saw people working and heard some machines going. The search continues today with @lavenderdoodle my favorite LA pup who will be posting some pics from our search on her head on over :)

First shot of the second stand where the spalted edge is in the front of the shell base. For the third of the series (there’s only one more piece from this stump, so it’s destined to join the others) I plan to have the front half spalted and half heartwood, what do you think?

Some detail. This is stand number one, with the spalted edge in the back. Materials: spalted pentaglone, lucite, long grain pentaglone, tung oil. Photo: @davidgensler

I’ve been patiently waiting to share with you these finished guitar stands made for a very special client! The two shells that I carved from two spalted pentaglone cross-sections serve as the base with the lucite rod stemming from the center and two pentaglone long grain hooks for holding the stem of the guitar. I’ll be posting some high resolution pictures from the photoshoot soon. (Featuring my late father’s Fender)

My workspace has been taken over by these boxes for the past few weeks from a project my neighbors are working on. I’ve been helping out with some “tape peelin” when I take a break from my intense projects of late. I have some very special final pictures to post this week of what I’ve been working on... stay tuned 🎸

The Space Shuttle Centerpiece Table. Materials: heartwood and sapwood of wamara, glass, tung oil. Where would you put it in your home?

Shell Number Two. This one has the pentaglone in the front and the spalted edge in the back, in case you didn’t notice the difference 💀🤟🏼

Learning about trees that grow in the jungles in very specific areas has been an incredible challenge. I’ve been learning the past few years how to identify trees in order to find their seeds, so that I can replant them. The species of wood that we hear about often and ones that can be purchased are only touching the surface of what’s out there. Sometimes the species I work with are not even classified and even unknown. Many in demand woods cause so many problems as jungles and forests are being cleared of indigenous trees in order to grow imported species such as teak, walnut, oak and mahogany because they “sell”. These woods also aren’t natural to the land and cause many issues with the soil and natural habitats. It’s always good to stay away from popular species if possible and to know your sources. ♻️🤟🏼

Another awesome shot from my photoshoot with in the shop 🤟🏼where do you think I’ll vanish to next?

I’m a lover of the strange and maker of the strange 🤟🏼

new beast in the shop. 🤟🏼🧟‍♀️

This will always be one of my favorite pieces. Inspired from the outside of a gnarly stump that I dug up from the jungle.

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