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Let it 🐝  You’re a work of art. not everyone will understand you, but the ones that do, will never forget about you. β€”Banksy

Straight outta Philly ❀ #charlieday

#maewest 🌹

Aww chap, you might be a pain in the ass, but you're my pain in the ass πŸ’™ #sassy #🐱


Naughties 😏🐾

Your first instinct is usually right πŸŒ™

Greetings from Johnny Cash 😘

-When I met you, flowers started growing in the darkest parts of my mind 🌹 #sundayblues

#metgala2018 stunned by these chicks 😍 #firstladies #hautecouture

"You think Picasso was happy? Hendrix? They were miserable shits. No art worth a damn was ever created out of happiness, I can tell you that. Ambition, narcissism, sex, rage, those are the engines that drive every great artist, every great man. A hole that can't be filled. That's why we're all such miserable assholes." 🌻

Sunday wander with my Morningstar πŸ’˜ #sanmarino #lovelypsycos @mefistofele.morningstar

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