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Aléxandra E.  Believer. Wife to Al. Mommy to C squared. Alabama Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. Dancer. Adventurer. Loves books. Loves real life.

This 👶🏻 bump. That 🌊water. My 💐 crown! It was the coolest Hawaiian day ever!

I can’t quite get enough of this little guy’s snuggles! I hope he always loves to hug his momma big! ❤️🙌🏽🤙🏽

Happy 4th of July! #32weekspregnant

This boy simply couldn’t get enough of the ocean once he got in, he basically became fearless to the water which scared me to death! 😱🏝 I just blogged again about hanging out at the beach and some delicious food in Hawaii! Click LINK in BIO! 🆕🤙🏽❤️

As you can see, Cohen downed his @wowwowhawaiianlemonade in seconds and is now trying to drink all of mine! Sorry CoCo, i don’t think so! Baby Sproule and I both loooooovve lemonade! Check out the link in bio for a new blog post on @wowwowhawaiianlemonade and how it was the only thing on this preggo’s bucket list! LOL 🥤#wowwowlemonade #mauihawaii

When you go on vacation, it’s fun to jump on the bed! Click on the link in my bio to check out the blog about our arrival into Hawaii and what we did first! 🏝 #thekapaluavillas #mauihawaii #devinepresets

First blog post about Hawaii is up! Link in BIO!!!!! Check it out! 🏖🏝☀️🍍🌈 The water really is that blue. I couldn’t believe it either!

My baby app just recently told me that lil babe was the size of a Hawaiian pineapple! How convenient! 🍍 Get ready for all kinds of pictures from Hawaii and hopefully some blog posts if I can concentrate hard enough back in this Alabama heat. 🔥#29weekspregnant #hawaii #olowalufruitstand

Hello out there!!! It’s been forever!! Mostly because our family took a trip to Hawaii 🏝and I completely did not have time to be on my📱. It was refreshing! It was somewhat of a baby moon before our sweet 👶🏻 gets here in August! It was just amazing! On the blog, is our final destination coming home from our Grand Canyon 🏜 trip! We stopped in Dallas and had to visit just ONE of their many murals and it did not disappoint! Those colors tho! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

And...if your curious as to what ride is going to make your LO fall asleep @disneyland 🚤 Probably any boat ride in the dark, preferably for CeCe, it was Pirates if the Caribbean. One second she was awake and the next, completely passed out! 😴 We had beyond the best time and always do @disneyland Can’t wait to go back and share it with our next little babe! 👶🏻❤️🎢🎡

This moment. When he hugs me and tells me he loves me as hard as he can. My heart just goes into the ☁️☁️☁️ I love these small moments that seem to just fly by. Thank goodness for pictures, right? 🙌🏽📸

Living straight up dad life right here. Holding this wild one while also looking at what fast pass we might ride next. Our favorite place to eat has gotta be the Pizza Port in Tommorrowland right beside space mountain. Their pizza and Caesar salad combo are my main jam when we go to @disneyland 🎢

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