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AleXanderTheGreat  AleXanderTheGreat xx/xx/2019

Love yourself and trust God 🌍

“Usually they say you gotta fake it till you make it.
I ain’t even gotta say it, I’m the muthafucking greatest;
And my old shit still sounds better than your latest.
Who can keep up with the cadence?
I am very underrated!
Who is going toe-to-toe with my focused flow?
When I lock and load, prepare to hit floor I do rappers just like a domino.
I rollercoast except it’s just up is the only way I go.
Im going hard like there is no other places that I can go!
Do this for my family and you ain’t taking care of yo’s.
I prolly got like 80 flows, I’ve only gave you 8 of those.
On fire like im hot coal 🔥
Got opened doors and yours closed,
I will never sell my soul but I can’t help that I was CHOSE. -🌎”
(Link in my muthafuckin bio go listen)

Picture this? 🌍

Rappers think they “it” but they really just clowns 🤡
Aye @freshredding you threw a banger last night 🔥

Who’s seen part 2? #UDY
@udypranks I was pretty upset 😪

Damn, I’m really at LA Fashion Week. What’s next? #LAFashionWeek



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