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Alexander Ludwig  Just trying to live a life of gratitude and authenticity, one day at a time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DYNAMIC DUO I KNOW!!! Wish I could be with you guys right now!! Love you both so much you have grown into such amazing people and I’m so psyched for all our adventures to come. @nicholaslud @natalielud #twinsies #mybesties

Had a blast today shooting with my honey @_kristydawndinsmore for @farrahaviva and her epic @bitethebulletstories campaign more pics and info about the campaign to come

“What is this...a center for ants?!”

Happy 4th from my crazy family to yours! damn grateful for these hooligans

Max, Thank you for teaching me what it was to be a real warrior. I will miss you. You taught me to value what I have rather than be frustrated with what I don’t, you gave me perspective, you taught me it is always important to laugh and play when i can, and you taught me the importance of laughter even in the darkest of times. Thank you for the time we spent together. And I am sending so much love to your family. My heart breaks for them.

#RIPMAX #atruewarrior #myfriend

Nature has been the source of my inspiration, spirituality, and childhood, I love where I grew up, the mountains, the amazing wildlife that inhabits British Columbia’s incredible forestry, it is and will always be my home.
At a rate of 2 soccer fields every hour our ancient and massive old trees on Vancouver island are being cut down (3x faster than tropical rainforests) now only 10% of the biggest low elevation trees remain. They are a keystone in the delicate ecosystem of the BC coast including the marine environment (salmon spawning streams are also in old growth Forrest’s). So why am I bringing this up? The @sierraclubbc along with @bryanadams (even a bigger hero to me now) are doing all they can to help change this but are in desperate need of volunteers! So to my homies on the ground at home who want to get involved in an amazing cause please go to also use it to get more info, to volunteer and to SIGN A LETTER TO THE BC GOVERNMENT. One step at a time we can start to implement positive change.Thanks for reading, I’m signing the letter now- Alexander

My favorite gift my dad @haraldludwig ever gave me was a hard drive with all our old family pics on it So I could find little gems like this one....HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the most caring, loving and hysterical guy I know. Dad I don’t even know where to begin I am so grateful for your love and friendship. You’ve always pushed me to be the best I can be and I admire and love you so much. I can’t wait to see you soon. Here’s to so many more adventures!

Surprised my lady with a pottery class on her bday. Made her bring her passport BC I knew she was onto me....HAPPY BIRTHDAY @_kristydawndinsmore !!! You are the most resilient and caring woman I know. I love you so deeply and am beyond grateful for the life we have together. 😘😘😘😘

Flippin steaks w my main man/neighbor @nicholaslud (after I slapped him around In ping pong) #lifesgood #brotherlylove

Happy Mother’s Day to the rock of our family. Love you more than words can say❤️

@bonnies_buns you are a freaking artist @bons_95 thank you for the amazing pre bday cake!!! Love you so much! Everyone hit up @bonnies_buns for the most epic baked goods ever!!!!

Wrote this as a reminder to never get too greedy and to remember what’s really important in life. We got it so good. Hope you enjoy ps added a little instrumental in the back #messingaround #money

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