alexander23lol alexander23lol

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alexander 23  ya right

who wants to come over and order in thai food ?

welcome to paradise sweetheart hope u had an easy ride in

dirty af1s just went platinum in my heart. first show with @alecbenjamin in 8 days 😭.

wow. thank you @alecbenjamin for this madness. its gonna be a crazy tour, but if we have each other then we’ll both be fine.


mama im coming home !!!!!!!!

gosh i wish i wrote this song xoxo

if i take u to benihana will u be my lil mama

hey guy get down from there u cud hurt urself !

cause of death too much love 🖤

Dirty AF1s out everywhere. thank u for listening. thank u for showing ur family and friends and even ur family friends.

DIRTY AF1s out everywhere right tf now. monster thank u to @arjanwrites @beats1official for making my first song the bop of the week, so surreal. hope u guys like it if u dont pls dont tell me im fragile rn.

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