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Alexander Andreev  Photographer. Nomad. 56 countries and counting. Now in Moscow. All photos are mine. Open for new adventures ;)

Moscow is soo different these days. Very different people, the way they behave, police helps visitors instead of just checking papers, you hear different languages here and there, lot of smiling people having fun. Mostly positive people! It feels much safer now, although sometimes may look unusual and maybe even a bit scary ;)) I’ve been in many big international cities so I’m used to it. But lets take typical russian. About 70% of russians never travelled outside. Cannot even imagine what they think of these changes. looks like they have fun too ;) so nice to see people trying to communicate with no common language.
I believe more russians will start travelling after world cup and it will definitely affect mass mindset in a positive way.

Old/New Moscow

Imagine arabic market. Add italian kindergarden in. Put swimming pool in the middle. Dive in.
Here you go, you’re in the middle of a Private Greek 5* family hotel beach.
Have to walk pretty far away to avoid the crowd.
But looks like kids love it as well as their parents - entire thing is fully booked.

“Hangover 90x: back to Moscow”

“Excuse me sir... Do you know if I can buy trip stopper somewhere near here, please?”

What I really like about Saint Petersburg is diversity and open spaces.
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Well... it looks like time machine will be invented in about ten years, I’ll loose few kg and visit Rome.
Sounds like a plan!

Expoforum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Instead of just visiting President Library in Saint Petersburg, I found myself in the middle of International Financial Congress, which was quite nicely organized. Unfortunately I failed to understand most of the topics. Too financial :)
Most areas of the building were closed because of the event, so I’ll have to come back one day to explore it.

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Ruskeala Marble Canyon, Karelia, Russia
Some years ago there were no machines to cut stone bricks out untouched, so they were drilling holes around big block to put explosives in and knock it out. Explosive stone cutting so to say. Layer by layer. First they cut the hill out and then - went deeper.

Problem is - because of multiple explosions marble became cracked and quality decreased. Marble here was not perfect nor pure from the very beginning - it had lots of chemical inclusions causing fast aging and color change due to oxidation.
Mine was closed and filled water.

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Lakes of Karelia
Almost no gap between forests and lakes. Looks surreal an magnificent with reflections attached to trees like stitched together.
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Another unusual thing to see in Moscow.
Will try to get to the other side of the river next time. That side is undeveloped for unknown reason.

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