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al ⚲  nyu tisch acting ⋆ elite nyc #blm nb

a masc moment

some peoples laptop cameras have such good quality i think mine is getting worse ever since i dropped my laptop :-/ which i mean i guess that explains it .. i had to sharpen this to the gods

this is not a protest or an act of freedom of speech. this is white terrorism. period. (tweet via @pettyblackgirl on twitter)

i wasn't gonna post something like this because i told my self i would stop oversharing online but i decided to just condense it a lot instead so it kinda sounds stupid but ... anyway !! i've been feeling a bit more confident since i cut my hair (i was going through a low self esteem point ... we all do ...) & it's funny how something so small can do so much for you i think looking at yourself everyday in passing makes us overly nit picky about what we see as our flaws & things we're insecure about and trying to look past those things is hard but not impossible it just takes a lot of time and patience with yourself. and sometimes you need a change to feel good and that's okay ! no matter how big or small whatever you can do to benefit yourself is worth it.
anyway sorry but not really for another mini face spam lolll & i hope each of you have a good self love day you deserve it ✨❤️✨

ummm hey

👁 thank you @bonnie.chin <333 (tried to make an eye joke but i couldn't think of one)


finally 👶🏼 ✂️ i feel reborn !! (thank u @masamihosono <3)


doing half face pictures from now on

disco dog

matrix sunglasses

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