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alexa 🌹  let me sing you a story⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


hey it's Lex, you might know me better as my AIM screen name "sassybrat93" ....anyway, new music is rolling out starting September 29th and I decided to post a really moody b&w selfie of me in the studio to show you how happy I am about it 😁

california here we come right back where we started from ☀️

"and I want you but I need me more, this I can no longer ignore" ❤️ new music coming soon

hmmmm should I do a full cover of drake's "marvin's room"? 🤔😏

evolving into who you are takes time. i've been trekking through the jungle that is LA searching for my voice which is why i've only released 2 songs this year. i'm sorry for the empty promises, I'm filling them with music as we speak.. more soon. xoxo, gossip girl ❤️🌹

felt like singing a classic today - here's "lean on me" by bill withers 🤗

GUYSSS here’s a still from the music video for my song “Seasons” :) i’m really passionate about the music i’ve been making. i’m opening myself up more and more with each new song i write. my vocal sweet spots exist in my lower range so you’ll be hearing less belting and more raspy alexa. you’ll also be hearing me speak my mind more (which is something i’m working on getting better at everyday). when i first moved out to california a year ago, there was a point in time after racing all over town from session to session where i asked myself if i was even an artist. i felt like i had nothing to say but really it was just me scared of telling people what i had to say. january rolled around and that became the real start of my development phase, doing everything i could to become a better writer, and also letting life happen to me. it’s taken a lot longer than i’d hoped to get to where i am now which has left me in oceans of stress, frustration & anxiety but doesn’t that sound like every creative? music is my one and only. it’s what i will do for the rest of my life. i can’t say it enough how unbelievably excited i am to finally release this music (some with visuals!!!) and i can’t wait to hear what you think. i’m happier & more confident than i’ve ever been and it feels fucking GREAT. i love you all, stay golden and do what makes your soul shine. 🎥 @georgethomasfilms

@jweihaas and i made a love song out of @russ ’s “What They Want” 😊 this one is probably my favorite to date. link in bio, enjoy! ❤️🌹

happy bc we just wrapped up a music video for my song "Seasons" and my song w @byolliejoseph came out yesterday and i love it so do yourself a favor, roll ur friggggin windows down and jam to it!!! 🤗💃🏼 (link in bio)

why do you spend your days trying to force everything? scroll through your memory and tell me the best moments of your life. i'll bet the one thing they have in common is that they all happened naturally. focus on yourself, let life happen to you 🌹 @lovenotesbyalexa

ended up on a giant shiny ball at a slip n slide warehouse party in downtown this weekend with a gnarly scar on my arm from said slip n slide and this is me finding my zen? I guess I had a good time from the looks of it!!! 🤙🏼

"just pretend they're clouds, it'll make the sunset look prettier" -me telling my brother tips on how to ignore the smog 😭 btw new single beginning of August!!!! 🍂

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