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Alexa Joly  L'Oreal Professionnel National Artist STL Independent Hairdresser Color-Balayage-Design

I am so excited to be back with @shelleymohr at the @lorealproeducationus Academy NYC. I would love to see familiar faces! Join us!

Some people touch your lives and they will never know how much. Always hungry for more.

So many people turn to a social network for support, love and inclusion. Others use it to stay connected or inspired. I believe in my heart that no one joined specifically to troll, yet so many haters gonna hate. Words affect us. They stick with us. And they are hard to shake. I bet everyone reading this can think of that one hurtful comment that chick said in 1994! That is why being a positive influencer in today's climate is so important. Words matter. I pledge to be that positive person today and always. #positiveinfluencer Join me? And P.S. Let go of what she said about you being too fat for that white t-shirt in 1994 (just me?)

Enjoying a little family time on this rainy day in Paris, France. What a beautiful world we share. ❤️

Miss. Annie would flip our doll head upside down to check our haircuts in beauty school. Looking at the cut from a different perspective made every misplaced hair stand out instantly. Our eye constantly seeks balance. Looking at an image right side up doesn't always allow the eye to break down what makes it whole.
Next time you are handed a hair inspiration photo give it a flip. It will allow you and your client the opportunity to see what elements they are attracted to.... the tone, the shadow, the placement... Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Say yeahhhh ❤️😜

Never stop learning. A few weeks ago @christinechamglam and I worked together for the first time and she traced a head sheet onto a flip chart. Mind blown. I will never travel with a glue stick ever again. Thanks gal!

Processing Love! Our big learn of the day was: have enough product on the hair to keep the moisture so you get the lift you need. Make sure your "bead" sets you up for success.

The environment you are in can have such an effect on how you feel. Blow Salon Dallas has every detail dialed in. From the time you walk in you know you are in a high style, low stress environment. I strive to create this everyday in my space. Bravo team.

I'm still feeling the love from a beautiful day at Blow Salon Dallas.

How does new color make you feel? It was my pleasure to give this new mamma some fresh feels @blowsalondallas today was a true pleasure. Thanks for sharing the day with me. Until we meet again.

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