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Alex Aguirre  Photography guy @active.downey


Desperation grabs you by the throat,
You know you're sinking but still you try to float. High pitched screaming blocks out everything you hear
But still you pretend that there's nothing to fear. #hi #thatsme

I went to Santa Monica recently and I accidentally left my camera on the table at the place we were eating at, so I walk back to see if it's still there and as soon as I get there I catch them mid photo (the last photo) and they're laughing and told me they were holding it for me 😂 so I get the roll developed and find out they took 2 other photos, cheers to you guys😂🍻 #alexs35mmadventures

Photography is my passion, digital and film, but shooting with film is definitely my go-to, I wanna thank everyone who has purchased my zine, you guys rule and I love you guys! I never would've thought that people would buy my stuff, by you guys proved me wrong, the first and second printing of my zine sold out and people are still hitting me up to purchase a copy! Unfortunately I don't make a lot of money from my day job and only work 2-3 days a week and I'm trying my absolute hardest to not get a second job and try to stick with photography as my second job and hope one day it'll be my full time AND only job. I legit have starved myself for a COUPLE DAYS or came extremely close to not paying my bills because I was short that month because I would rather go out and frame a print or make zines for guys to buy, and seeing all the positive feedback has TOTALLY made it worth it in the end for me and I know some of you are thinking "fucking idiot why would you starve yourself so you can make prints or zines?" Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices to do what you love and hope for the best, and I would risk it all if I could just stick with photography💘 This is the 3rd AND FINAL PRINTING of my first zine Eyes Behind The Wall until I have enough money to print my second zine! All the photos in this zine are shot on 35mm film and never/will be uploaded to instagram, so the only way to see these photos is to get yourself a copy!💘 Maybe one day it'll make you super rich when you sell it on eBay 🐥🤗 I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, and squarecash! And if I Ship it to you, you'll get a handwritten note and a bunch of goodies in your package! Thank you guys so much, from the bottom of my little black heart🖤 #alexs35mmadventures #ThisFirst #Contest #NA

Here are some photos I shot on my A6000 that I never got around to uploading, so here they are, all at once✨

Printed 10 more copies of my zine!✨ Eyes Behind The Wall is a short back to back page zine with photos I shot all on 35mm film. These are photos I haven't uploaded and probably won't upload✨ signed and numbered✍🏼 S/O to the people who bought the 1st printing of my zine👏🏼 you guys rule! 2nd printing is better paper and the images are enlarged a bit more! I accept, cash, weed, paypal, and venmo🤙🏼! HIT ME UP IF YOU WANNA GET ONE! IF I GOTTA SHIP IT TO YOU, YOULL GET RANDOM GOODIES AND A NOTE✍🏼 #alexs35mmadventures

Support yer friends💘 hit up @foxyygranpa if you want a copy of his zine!🎞📷 #imjustachild

Thank you for melting my brain last night @earthlessrips 🤘🏼#alexs35mmadventures

I bet their photo came out sicker than mine 🇩🇰 #alexs35mmadventures

One triple goober berry sunrise please 🍨 #alexs35mmadventures

S/O to the people who bought my zine and keep hitting me up for copies! I sold out of them, but I'll be printing 2nd editions tomorrow! DM me if you want a copy so I know how many to print out this time 💘 I accept paypal, weed, and venmo 💸🎞Thanks doods, you're the best!🎞💘 #alexs35mmadventures

Hecate🔮💘 #alexs35mmadventures

I've got a couple of my Eyes Behind The Wall zine left! Back to back pages of some 35mm shots I saved & didn't wanna upload to instagram or anywhere else📸 DM me if you want a copy! Enjoy my ugly face on the back of the zine🥑😈 #alexs35mmadventures #eyesbehindthewall

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