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Alex Adams  Photographing womanhood in all forms - lovers, intimate portraits, motherhood, social media photos. Based in UT. Travel log @insteadofababy

A little writing from yesterday: 
Believing in you
In us
Is wishing for rainfall in the desert
Like a cactus
You have adapted to surviving on nothing
Your thick fleshy parts soaking up all of my love
The best pieces of me
My body
My insides
Storing it for the drought to come
You will go dormant
Waiting for the skies to open again
Your next hit
Your spines ensuring nothing gets too close
Shading you from the sunlight
Your shallow roots sprawling underneath the dry cracked earth
Comfortable in solitude
Blooming just enough to know you're still alive

I woke up last week feeling shitty. Not physically, which is surprising considering what I’ve put in my body lately, but in every other way. Spiritually, professionally, creatively, sexually, emotionally, I felt down. I felt lost....again....which I hate. And every time I feel found I think it’s going to be the last time I feel lost. But it’s not. And I’m starting to wonder if this is the human condition, or just my human condition. So I’m going back to the things I know: I love photography more than anything I’ve ever done. It makes me feel present and alive in my own life, and I never want to stop doing it, whether people pay me for it or not....The only religion I believe in is the church of human connection. I know we are all journeying through the same human experience and this makes me feel like a part of something greater than myself. My most profound life experiences have come from reaching out and connecting with others.....I have a beautiful life. A really amazing, out-of-this-world beautiful life. I want to make sure I honor it......LOVE LOVE LOVE anyone and everyone. It’s the source of life’s greatest joys and greatest pains.....And finally, vulnerability. Being strategic and coy in your dealings with others makes you small. Letting others in through honest, kind, unguarded communication makes you expansive and brave.....And that’s it. That’s all I know. But these things comforted me that day as I cried it out. I’ll figure out the rest as I go. 📷@trevorhooperphoto

“Her mind is deliciously improper and her body is an aphrodisiac”. Alfred Cano

I have three beautiful sisters.  This is one of them. The littlest one.

I had to leave you behind.  Not because there was no love, but because there was no growth. -iambrillyant

I want what is left:
The tea leaves, the soiled images on cards,
The gasp of words as meaning slips away,
The rinds of the alphabet,
The chewed poems of prisoners,
The bones and the skeletons,
The secretions, the shattered sperm,
The blind blood, the phlegm and the cough.
It has always been women’s work to prepare the corpse. - Leavings by Deena Metzger

In the end, we all become stories.

I believe in the power of being embraced by someone who loves you. It’s healing and all consuming.

COME SHOOT WITH ME ON MONDAY!! #zionnationalpark #stgeorge #modelcall #southernutah

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is having so many talented and creative friends willing to photograph me in exchange for drinks, cookies and a damn good time.  I try to get on the other side of the camera whenever possible because I really believe it makes me a better shooter.  So thanks @trevorhooperphoto for getting up at the crack of dawn with me to shoot in my favorite studio light:)

I’ve found I can convey how I feel with shapes and light and movement when my words fail me.

We too, are meant to embody a vivid and animated life, to live close to our wild souls, our wild bodies and minds. We were meant to dance and sing, play and laugh unselfconsciously, tell stories, make love, and take delight in this brief but privileged adventure of incarnation. The wild without and the wild within are kin, the one enlivening the other in a beautiful tango. - Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

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