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Welp, definitely NOT my best performance, BUT I tried my hardest despite coming down with a horrible cold/ virus a few days ago. I felt very tired, sweaty and very very low energy, but I showed up and was willing to lay it all out there and I did. I got frustrated at times, but every boulder I came out ready to fight with another smile on my face!!! 😊 I also knew coming into this competition I wasn’t in my best shape due to popping my knee a weekend after vail WC and then having Surgery on it about 1.5 months ago. It for sure put a big kink in my training. I still wanted to come and see what I could do even tho I knew I was quite underprepared. I had fun with friends, bonded with my mom, made new friends and got to compete on an amazing world stage in Innsbruck Austria. Thank to everyone that supported me and for all the encouraging and kind words! Psyched to watch all the strong women in Finals tonight and then get ready for Adidas Rockstar next weekend!!! 😆😁🙌 @scarpana @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @petzl_official @frictionlabs @bronwenjewelry @teamusa @ifsclimbing @usaclimbing photo by: @vladek_zumr (I was the only person to stick the zone hold on this third boulder)

A very rare sight before today! BUT with the Olympic trials coming up next year I will definitely be doing A LOT more of this starting when I get back home!!! 😆😁 Thanks for another great pic: @vladek_zumr ! 😊 @scarpana @petzl_official @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @frictionlabs @sendclimbing @bronwenjewelry

Now I understand why my muscles were cramping so easily in qualifiers and why I felt a good bit shaky. Yesterday night I started to feel a horrible pain in my throat and in the middle of the night woke up from this.... 😩 All day I have felt like there is acid being poured down my throat and have a lot of body cramping and sweating. UGHHH.... 🤒😷😩🔥 Have to do speed tomorrow morning and then back to resting to try and feel as good as I can for Semifinals on Friday morning!!! 🤞 @scarpana @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @petzl_official @frictionlabs @sendclimbing @bronwenjewelry photo by: @vladek_zumr

Wow.... that was a tough round! I didn’t exactly climb my best and I definitely got a little frustrated at times, BUT I made it through to Semifinals!!! I ended up in 5th place in my group and top 10 move on to the next round in each group. My skin is bleeding and my muscles are tired so I’m really happy we have 2 days rest now! 😊🙌 Psyched to fight again in Semifinals in a few days!!! 😄 @teamusa @usaclimbing @scarpana @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @petzl_official @frictionlabs

Hey Guys! I’ll be taking over @teamusa Instagram all day tomorrow! I’m currently at the IFSC Climbing World Championships and the Women’s Bouldering qualifiers start tomorrow morning! I’m competing in all 3 disciplines, Lead, Speed and Bouldering, but for anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Bouldering the most! 😆 I’m really excited to take you into my world and show you how it all works. Come along with me tomorrow and see how the day will unfold. Follow along on @teamusa Instagram’s feed and get more acquainted with one of the NEW sports that will be in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!!! 😄🙌❤️

Eyes on the prize! Tomorrow is the start of Innsbruck World Championships! Psyched to start in Lead tomorrow morning and it will be my first ever Lead word cup !! It’s been a CRAZY last few months for me in life and so training has been up and down a lot. With life changes in general and then having knee surgery 1.5 months ago and still have some hamstring tendon problems ...... it’s ok for me to realize I’m not nearly in my best shape right now, but I didn’t want to just not show up! I love being here and I want the practice. I wanted to climb in the comp, see my friends, have vacation with my amazing mother, meet new people and enjoy life!!! For these reasons my trip has already been a huge success!!! ✅😄💕 #lovelife #enjoylife #whatsreallyimportant #climbing #worlds @scarpana @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @petzl_official @frictionlabs Photo by: @joelzerr I think...

I definitely miss Colorado and all the AMAZING summer/ Fall Bouldering in the Alpine!!! My true love and the place that will always have my heart!!! ❤️ 💜 ♥️ This climb is “Evil Backwards” V13/ 8B, in Lincoln Lake. I managed to send this last summer in a quick session. @scarpana @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @petzl_official @frictionlabs 📸 by: @joelzerr

Anyone want to go to Magic Wood for a few days right after Innsbruck Austria World Champs?? I love this place sooo much! Magic Wood is definitely in my top 5 favorite climbing areas around the 🌎!!! 😄 @scarpana @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @petzl_official @frictionlabs , photo by: @joelzerr : climb is Sofa Surfer 8A/V11

Nice photo from Arco Rockmasters last year, sad I had to miss it this year. It’s feels different being in Europe this time around, but definitely psyched to be here and can’t wait for Innsbruck next week! 😁 I’ll be competing in the World Championships, hanging out with my awesome mom, showing her around and I get to see a lot of my amazing friends! Love being over here!!! 💕🙌 Here’s to new memories and a hell of a good time! 🍻 photo by: @joelzerr . @scarpana @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa @petzl_official @frictionlabs

Thank you @uscryo_saltlakecity for letting me come in and take advantage of all your amazing recovery and whole body wellness tools!!! 😄 This is a pic of the red light therapy. Can’t wait to go back in again! Go in and check them out!!! 💪🏻 @uscryo_saltlakecity

Getting psyched and ready as I can be to compete in the World Championships early next month in Innsbruck Austria. I have missed a lot of competitions this season due to injuries and I’m still not fully back or injury free, but I’m ready for a fight. You have to know your body and mind and know how to listen to it. I might not be in my top shape and might still have a few tweaks, but my body is saying “let’s go” “let’s go have some fun and try hard”. 😁 And sport climbing is a bit easier on your body, just kills the forearms! 😂😉. Sorry I’m not quite sure who this phot is from, it’s been a by: @sytsevanslooten 🙏. @scarpana @petzl_official @frictionlabs @e9clothing_official @e9clothingusa

Climb, wine and dine @thefrontslc tomorrow! Some awesome ladies are going to be teaching clinics and hanging out! I’ll be there for a bit tomorrow as well! Psyched to see my girls @michaelakiersch , @sheneenagins and @juliannalyle tomorrow doing their thing teaching clinics! Clinics are going to be awesome! 😁❤️

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