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Minton  I ❤️ skateboarding

Dogs are the best 🐶❤️


Fell pretty hard today while literally going in a straight line across the flat. Board just kinda slipped and threw me off onto my back. Ended up hitting the back of my head and elbow. I must’ve landed hard enough for my elbow pad to imprint a circle on my elbow from the little metal rings on the outside that hold the plastic in place. As for my head, only a minor head ache but it would have been a concussion at the very least if I didn’t have a helmet. just another reason to wear a helmet when skating bowls

For some reason whenever I do a bs air now, my back foot floats about 4 inches off the tail then slaps back on and I can’t figure out how to not do that.

Not quite 🤷🏼‍♂️

In retrospective I didn’t really like how those clips turned out yesterday. It was just too choppy and hard to watch so here’s the unedited clips. In the future I’ll try to figure out an editing style that flows better.

Little mini bowl line

Hope y’all had a good national go skate day!

Where’d they all come from??

Some HD photos of the dogger

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