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Take cover! I wonder what the sets will look like. Anyone in Elyu please take videos and tag me!

Local hoops with the homies

A hotel with only 2 rooms, no lobby, no kitchen, and really nothing else... I'm not complaining...

Cook with what ya got!

Salad: Arugula, endive, radicchio, turmeric roasted chickpeas, avocado, boiled egg, fried capers, roasted brussel sprouts and roasted fennel

Bean and corn relish thing?: black and pinto beans, white and yellow corn, red onion, olives, jalapeno, tomatoes, kale, lime, toasted pine nuts... whatever, I like it.

Got some goodies @adidasph
The gratitude never changes

1 of my personal favorite photos ever. Today my Lolo took his last breath, and this was the last moment here on Earth I shared with my grandpa. He's laughing because we rarely do "mano" back home (our cultures way of showing respect to elders, for those who don't know), and he probably doesn't remember me doing this ever. And it was just a beautiful moment captured by my Dad's girlfriend Anne (you rock Anne). The epitome of a family man. He set the standard high for our family and it shows. I just wish I was home to celebrate this man, and look at old pictueres like my family is doing at this moment. I'll miss him. We'll all miss him. Love you grandpa!

2 flat tires driving back from La Union. Had to miss practice this morning and stiiiill no luck with tires. Anyone know any R19 tires in La Union? Hit me up. If not, just wish me luck

I CaREALLY love Carille

Anyone else agree?

@flotsamandjetsamhostel has the best pizza in PH. Except maybe @kermitsiargao
Tough choice. Can't go wrong with either after surf!

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