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Alex  Food❤ Fitness💪❤ Progress❤ Just wait and see the glow and growth you're missin out on 😏 FUCK TRUMP🔫 |21 Years Old| 🔓 HTX🌟

I am the 7th direct descendant of Jose Antonio Navarro. He had the choice of being The First Governor of Texas but turned it down because he felt he didn't speak proper English (Everything he accomplished was done without him knowing a single word of English). So I could've been born into wealth but I wasn't, in fact I've seen quite the opposite, and so I always think of the things that could've been .. and can STILL be in this world ❤🌎! As humans we've always wondered what the meaning of life is ... and although I cannot give YOU your purpose... our Physical purpose has been to take care of our environment (just think of how much we've affected this planet ALREADY, now imagine ALL of it becoming positive change 🌎😍) and that's what I plan to do before my time on this world runs out ❤! Although it's easier said than done, as a bodybuilder it goes without saying that success doesn't happen over night... and I know it'll take time.... but such time would be worth every second knowing how much it would positively change and help this mess we've all been born into ❤🌎! I figured my goals seem far away, but if an Orange Clown can become President, than my fellow humans YOU CAN DO ANYTHING 😂 whatever it is YOU CAN DO IT❤!!! We are all meant for something greater than we all realize and can even understand ... and we live in a different time than our ancestors did, our world is completely different than theirs.... everythings changing in every which way and mark my words, immortality will present itself in different forms within the next couple hundred years ... give or take a few depending on where we're headed! One form of immortality is remembrance..... as history is being made and time passes so do we, but the memories of us stay... that's one fact we take for granted❤! We could be so much more but as history has shown us before, it can all be ended by one persons hate... so to those of you who say I'm "sensitive" about such topics.... I say to you.... "sensitive" doesn't even begin to cover the HALF of it ❤🌎! I am Alexander Navarro Lopez and I'll keep you posted on the progress every step of the way.... #FoundingFatherofTexas #Progress #OurFutureIsGreatness

These are the Facts Ladies and Gentlemen .... Donald Trump Has said disgraceful things and has spead lies about everyone... every mintority ... his Racist Discriminating Remarks along his "We're gonna be winning because I'm a very stable genius!" campaign, have spread hate and fear amongst everyone!
He calls Mexicans Rapists and Criminals! He told African-Americans to vote for him because "what have you GOT TO LOSE!" ...HE ASSUMES All African-Americans have NOTHING based on the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.... That is the very DEFINITION OF RACISM!!! That said, he also said in 1 of his MANY TWEETS, on 9:52 Jun 19th 2018 : "Democrats are the problem. They don't care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and INFEST our Country, like MS-13. They can't win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!" - Hitler said Jews infested Germany and thus Nazis treated the Jews as VERMIN or PESTS to be Irraticated... they used this rhetoric to justify cruelty in their War for power! I thought that Evil had died before my Grandmothers Generation.... her generation being the "Baby boomers" known for the slight population spike after a massive decline due to the Devistating Death dealt from The Nazis in their thirst for power! You'd think this world would learn After such Evil had nearly destroyed it!
What's next Child Concentration Camps ..... wait ... -_-! It's also been reported that these Children have been put on unidentifiable DRUGS .... we don't know much but the children said they "feel different after everytime they'd recieve them" ..which means they've been put on MULTIPLE DRUGS..... WTFUUUK!!!! So in case you didn't know.. Hitler was also known for his HORRIC Experiments during WWII....and if there was EVER ...ANY DOUBT of Trump being similar to Hitler.... consider yourself informed now -_-! #EndTrumpCamps ..the reason we call them Trump Camps is so Trump will forever be known for what he is ..... (brace for impact) ..... A Xenophobic, Hypocritical, Homophobic, Warmongering, Hateful, Disgraceful, Orange KIDNAPPING KKKLOWN!
He is NOT a "Winner" (Trump voice)

NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION... FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER HOUSTON, TX❤👪👫👬👭!!!! The Beginning of the END for Trump and his army of KKKULTIST KLOWN SUPPORTING Mouth-breathers!!!! We are MORE than they are!! AND THEY CAN NOT LOCK THIS UP 🚶!!! We the People RECOGNIZE that this is NOT a "Border Issue", this is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE... it's important to SPREAD THAT.. this is NOT OUR "OPINION" it's simply THE RIGHT THING TO DO!! This country was FOUNDED by IMMIGRANTS... so you could say It is THE AMERICAN DREAM.... so to imprison Immigrants is to IMPRISON THE AMERICAN DREAM ..... and these Trumptards think themselves "American" ...... such hypocrisy smh! We're humans ... it's time to prove it! #EndTrumpCamps #NoMoreBabyJails #NOTmyPresident #TraitorTrump #VoteHimOut #VoteThemOut #WheresTheHumanity #KlownsAreShitPresidents #ReuniteFamilies #ThisIsAmerica

There are some things that can't be undone.. only repaired after the damage is dealt.. and in this case the damage.. is death 😩! So after the tweets of a child, and the touch of a button, death is dealt💀. He couldn't help but prove himself and tweet "Get ready Russia, cause the missiles will be coming, Nice, New, and Smart"! REALLY? Are missiles killing innocents "Nice"? Children have been gassed and our answer is we'll just blow em up ourselves 💔!? I know this world isn't perfect, but it's still beautiful, this thing we have, where we've ended up.. even through the imperfections I can still see the beauty in what we haven't already ruined 🌎! We've come so far, TOO far to just blow ourselves up now, everything we've accomplished everything our ancestors did for us will have been for NOTHING if there is NO US💔! First he couldn't keep his mouth shut about North Korea, this time it's Russia, who's next on his Twitter spree 😩💔!? I have friends in the military and some are stationed in Japan (which is closer to Russia and North Korea than we are currently) so if something else happens, if What our "Supreme Leader" has done worsens, they're first to respond😔! This certainly puts a dent in the plans too... you see I'm aware of the Education provided for Serving.. my plan seemed so simple at first... Join the Air Force... Major in business and psychology.. get out with money ... and start Multiplying💰.... and thanks to a certain someone who showed me the light during the darkest of times... I found my place .. and it's out there ... helping people in need 🙏! I've also always wanted to fly... so it only made since being a pilot... since the choppers are first on scene to evac🏥. Of course it'll be a while before then... but for now my eyes are on the real problems ... the ones everyone seems so oblivious to🌎! And one more thing... about my Bio... it's not what most think it to be... it's a wake up call... my wake up call to the world... "Just wait and see this glow and growth you're missing out on" .... it's not just to the ones that aren't "woke" ...but to those that are holding us back.. to show or at least express our potential as a whole🌎!

Yesterday the Nation gathered around to March for something I've never thought we'd come too .... but we did.... throughout the past Century .. we have marched for our rights... for equality... but yesterday .... we marched for OUR LIVES ... I never thought it could get this bad ... but bad times call for major turning points .... and yesterday was definitely one that will be remembered for sure throughout this century... if not throughout our entire existence... as soon as we start to create such equality and start to recognize the value of human life ..... (as sad as it is that it took this long) we can start to change our view of Valuing HUMAN Life..... to just .... LIFE ❤🌎 and we can start the cleanup process this world has so desperately needed since our stains of War, Hate, and our LITERALL Waste! I'm proud ... in spite of everything that's been going on .... all the tears ... of the lost loved ones.... yesterday i can honestly say mine were tears of joy ... seeing us move forward with such strength .... not JUST strength .... but STRENGTH IN UNITY 🌎.. It's not all over yet ... this is JUST the beginning ... but from this point forward .. prepare to see the REAL GLOW UP.... on alll things ... Nothing.... AND I MEAN NOTHING ... is stopping us anymore .. there will be struggles here and there through the dramatic changes we're going to start seeing... but NONE of them... will STOP us! But that's just the time we live in... people don't understand the TRUE POWER WE HAVE ... NOW ... AS A WHOLE... our actions mean EVERYTHING.... even if it feels like we have nothing ❤..... Just a Millenial in World stuck in the Past❤🌎 #MarchforOurLives #UnitedNations #AHopeforAUnitedWorld

So i may be late but technically NOT because i know something most don't ..... and that is the TRUTH to our past 😏! When you were taught history do you remember how all the continents were once all ONE SUPER CONTINENT.... well Africa was in the center ... and then we expanded outwards... and through evolution we all evolved to look how we look now . so really when I think of Black History i think of OUR history... just imagine at one point in time we were ALL CHOCOLATE❤ ... so what does that say about racism :/ !? Honestly the idea of judging ones self based on The tone of their skin is the EQUIVALENT of offending ALL of OUR ANCESTORS 👀! I saw Black Panther for the second time last week and i remember the news saying white people were CLAIMING they had been "ATTACKED" while going to see the movie and said things such as "They threw a glass bottle at my face and said this movie ain't for you Cracker" ... They were later reported to be FAKE ACCOUNTS!!! Meaning there are some of us in this world that will still TRY to Divide us but in reality we ARE... ALL .... ONE people🌍❤... NO MATTER how much they try to deny it! And Honestly We're ALL going to have to ACCEPT this one day... and work TOGETHER if we're going to FIX the mistakes of previous Generations and better OURSELVES AS A WHOLE to accomplish the "Impossible" 🌍😏 and ALWAYS REMEMBER.. NO MATTER WHERE you are in this world .... remember OUR roots ... Remember OUR HISTORY ... Remember OUR FAMILY🌍... Remember the Motherland 🌍❤ #RememberTheMotherland #TogetherThroughEverything

Honestly one of the most true things I've heard❤! You ever wonder why NOT ALL students graduate? It's all in our education system! Ok what are the MAJOR tips they give you in order to be successful in Highschool? Be Organized and manage you time carefully, sounds simple enough right :/ WRONG! Ever notice how almost everyone can say they passed out in class at some point :/!? Well in all honesty the reason for this is because they SET US UP FOR FAILURE, they have us go to school at 6A.M. well here's where that simple fact gets SHADY ASF! You know how it's hard for kids to go to bed, there's a REASON for that! As children, OBVIOUSLY your body goes through changes, well our metabolism is running fast at night due to PUBERTY, which doesn't stop till AFTER MIDNIGHT, Meaning it's safe to say WE SHOULD NOT BE WAKING UP BEFORE THE SUN, ESPECIALLY because SLEEP DEPRIVATION has been DIRECTLY LINKED to a stunted growth, now when most people think of stunted growth they think of HEIGHT and you wouldn't be wrong, HOWEVER our BRAINS are STILL developing and they don't stop developing till we're 25!! And guess WHICH PART of the brain is still in development throughout Highschool, OUR FRONTAL LOBE, The part of the brain RESPONSIBLE for ORGANIZATION and TIME MANAGEMENT :/! You take this fact PLUS the fact that in AMERICA we have an IMPROPER DIETING EPIDEMIC, meaning not ONLY are we NOT getting the SLEEP we need but also we're not getting THE PROPER NUTRITION/BUILDING blocks for PROPER HEALTHY growth! Also look at Nutrition and wellness, IT'S AN ELECTIVE, meaning you have to CHOOSE it, when in REALITY it SHOULD be a REQUIREMENT! Now what about MONEY MANAGEMENT? That's an elective TOO when idk bout you but I'm pretty sure Our COUNTRY is BILLIONS in DEBT, so wouldn't you say learning how to be HEALTHY and FINANCIALLY STABLE is IMPORTANT if you want to get ANYWHERE in this world, to the point where it SHOULD BE REQUIRED!!! Now I'm not one to claim I'm the brightest bulb, but I'm pretty SURE our Education "System" needs to be REWORKED! And this is SAD but i stay positive, we need to ADDRESS the problems if we are to Solve them❤! But then again what do i know I'm just a "Dropout" :/

Really? So after the Parkland School Shooting I'm pretty sure the answer to GUN VIOLENCE is definitely NOT MORE GUNS 😡! It doesn't take a Rocket scientist to know how DUMB and COUNTER PRODUCTIVE that idea is 😑 in fact their "solution" now FEEDS THE PROBLEM 💀🔫! Now WHY would that be Trump's solution, BECAUSE HE'S GETTING PAID BY THE NRA! Our politicians are deep in the Wallets of the NRA, The Oil Industy, and the Food Industry!
To those of you that call ILLUMINATI lol you're wrong, there is NO ILLUMINATI, because there is NO SECRET GOVERNMENT, as in there's nothing SECRET about them, they're right in front of us! The TRUTH is We're all being held back in this Materialistic world where The Top 1% Keeps the rest of us down,don't believe me? Then WHY would they ADD GUNS TO THE PROBLEM..? Because they don't care about us, THINK about it, THEY PRACTICALLY SELL DEATH 💔💀! They're killing us BOTH slowly (food industry) AND directly (Gun Manufacturers) why do you think the top problems in America are Gun Violence, Debt, and Health issues :/?! Why else would they take MILLIONS of dollars from FOOD STAMPS and other Organizations designed for nothing else but the SOLE PURPOSE OF HELPING OTHERS, just to make the RICH even MORE RICH and the POOR even poorer :/ not to mention the fact that they INCREASED THE MILITARY BUDGET by BILLIONS MORE, WHY...YYY? Are we going to fucking WAR or something? Can Trump and Kim Jong-Un stop having a dick measuring competition for ONE FUCKING MINUTE, honestly their fucking TWITTER WAR is pathetic!
They're keepin us down just so they can stay on top. For example they're is TRILLIONS of Dollars to be made in the Oil industry, but yet we've been able to REPLACE fossil fuels for quite some time now :/! THE MAJORITY OF EVERYTHING AROUND US was once thought to be MAGIC or "SCIENCE FICTION" now it's everyday science, so to me it seems like they're just keeping us down for the sake of Luxury when in reality we're all in the SAME FUCKING BOAT🌎! So the real question is Will America Choose It's Children🙏 (FUTURE) over it's guns (WEALTH)?

"Just hit a button Morty gimme a beat!😈🎶🔥" Still sore af from Excision lol ....... "if you get lost just look for a Carebear!" lmao #Carebearcrew #Excision #Htown #GetLit 🔥🔥🔥



Can't be the only one makin these gains 💪😆 If any of you are tryna get fit before summer 😁 and/or are trying to reach your new years resolution goals on time or ahead of time⌚....... feel free to ask any questions for advice👌, dieting tips🍃🍗🍤, excercises💪, or simply guidance ✊❤ to achieving your goals 👍💯 Body Building is NOT weight lifting ......... Contrary to belief it's not to see who can Lift more Weight..... Body Building is More than that ...... Body BUILDING 💪❤ It's about seeing yourself putting in hard work😥, time management⌚, responsible dieting🍕🚫, and ultimately Dedication ....... looking in the mirror and seeing your imperfections fade away as you grow stronger 😤 but as you look up and see yourself 👀 you start to see that the Majority of the growth wasn't so much on the outside as it was on the inside ✊❤ Stay Healthy 👌Stay Active👍 and happy holidays peeps 😛💯 #Bodybuilding #SoulBuilding ❤😌 #NeedAdvice 👀? #HappyHolidays 😏

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