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the older i get the more i truly get this.

give yourself permission to own it all.

we chose love. it's bonded us something serious. our friendship solidifies our marriage. i'm so excited for our next chapter, it's gonna be amazing!

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there's so much wonder here, in our life together as a unit, as individuals, and as two flawed humans choosing to stand in love. marriage isn't easy. it's constantly shifting, changing, and evolving. there are seasons in committed partnership, just like in our other walks of life— most of which remind me of autumn and spring. dying, wilting, blooming, rebirth. but the seasons are abundant when you're doing life with the right people. not, perfect people, the right people. when i fell in love with ryan my world, as i knew it, stopped and restarted. it was the best feeling. however, i didn't taste our true + real love until our "auntumn" came, until things weren't "the best," until things felt like they were wilting. there are many pivotal moments in love that require us to get up from falling hard + choose to stand tall. falling isn't the greatest and most authentic form of being in love—standing in it is, when things are hard, "dying," shifting, etc. that's when the truth comes out, that's when the love shines. can you still be in love when the going gets tough? can you heal + come back together after? those are the questions we must ask ourselves when in these committed partnerships. your "autumn love" doesn't have to be devastating or debilitating. nothing major has to happen for the leaves to start falling. sometimes it may just taste or feel different, your pages may be off, your hearts may not be in sync, and that is alright! we are humans and we're not meant to walk this earth and be perfect. but we are, i think, meant to walk this earth and love hard on the people we encounter + journey with. i am constantly learning to not romanticize the intimacy of love, but to greet it with respect and realism. i challenge you to do the same, romantic or platonic, open your heart and learn your way through love.

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i am so honored to be in the may 2017 issue of @essence magazine! the main women in my life have been essence readers since forever. i've grown up with the magazine—and to now be in it is quite unreal. go pick up the special collector's issue: "100 woke women" today!

we're here at "the HeLa project" working with @hbo to honor the life of #henriettalacks. ms. lacks was a black woman whose cells were used to create the first immortal human cell line. we are fascinated by her story and learning all about her contributions to science. head over to my story to follow along. there's some cool stuff happening.


self-forgiveness has reminded me to smile, stand tall in my truth, and acknowledge where I have been. sinking isn't an option when you choose joy.

i wrote an essay today titled "how self-forgiveness reminds me to smile." if you need a little sunday love, go check it out at:

PS. there's a new @theheygirlpodcast episode out now on itunes and ART19 (‪

note to self: whatever you do, work on yourself, first and foremost. self-care is vital to growth, belonging, and relationships.

forgive yourself + own your truth. you're worthy.

my goal in love has always been to find someone to grow through it with. this hasn't been easy! growing hurts at times. there are intense moments of discomfort and uncertainty, but still—i wouldn't choose to do this love thing w/ anyone but my husband. it's hard. it's gentle. it's ever changing. it's beautiful, kind, and everything else in between—but most of all, our love is worth it. we are in this, and no outside force will be able to infiltrate what we've built + grown in love. my advice: do life with someone you can grow with. through every stage—the good and the bad.

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sometimes we must fall before flying. sometimes we must learn from losing. be patient, gentle, and kind w/ each stage of change that you encounter.

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