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alexandra elle  author + poet || @theheygirlpodcast book 3: neon soul (on sale now)


have a beautiful week, everyone!

see yourself when no one else does.
honor your journey even when you feel like you're walking alone.
hold your joy tightly in your hands and become who you wish to be.

i've been trying to nestle into a new place of peace these days. a lot of changes are happening. good changes, life changes, uncomfortable changes, stunning + exciting changes. during my meditations this week, gentleness with self and others has continued to rise in my thoughts. as a woman of color, sometimes i find if hard to tap into my ability to be gentle, specifically with myself. perhaps it's because we are programmed to be stronger than we are soft. or maybe it's a defense mechanism to constantly be on edge and high alert. this week, in particular, i have been letting tenderness win. i've been intentionally enjoying my moments of self-gentleness. not pushing them away or walking around them, but acknowledging that i don't constantly have to be resilient. i can let go, i can submit.
today i found myself longing to be back in joshua tree park. on the rocks. surrounded by the massive + unmistaken energy of nature. i was reminiscing on being welcomed by the sun and wind and the intense presence of God. even the best of us need to be reminded that all strength requires softness. everything big and major needs some sort of balance.
as i age, shift, and walk through life my goal isn't to always get it right, because i haven't + i won't. the intent is to live a life that is intentional and gentle. my meditations have been encouraging me to be present, to find balance in the big stuff, softness in the strength.


from my second book: love in my language

one year ago we said i do. happy anniversary to us. 5/28.

written in 2013. still relevant today.
starting over > staying stuck

be your best + authentic self, regardless. you can only be you—and that is the goal.

when i chose to believe that self-love could fill my emptiness, the blurred lines of my life became clear. be bold enough to submit to loving yourself immensely and entirely. it will take practice. you will be unsure at times. but when you get it, when you reach your peak of self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and self-love, the adoration you'll get from outsiders will be a bonus—not a necessity.

neon soul, page 36, "bold" (available for purchase in stores and online)

note to self: don't be afraid to bloom wildly & lose petals as you unfold.

written in 2013 and still holds truth today. i am proud that i haven't let hurt + negativity stunt my growth. we can't always control what happens to us in life, but we do have a choice in how we decide to heal. don't let your moments of hurt, sadness, and disappointment be the deciding factor of your ability to love fully.

quote from my very first book (4 years ago), "words from a wanderer."

trust yourself. honor the healing process.

in my new book, neon soul, i write a lot about healing from hurt & preparing for joy. you can order your copy at alexelle.com or find it your local book store.

people are going to let us down. things aren't always going to go our way. even in the most trying moments of life, forgiveness can grant us freedom.

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