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Alex Canvas  Memphis ✈️ Houston 👻alexdacanvas

Yall know that (alex_canvas_3 is not my page! Damn use your common sense! Its not that hard! 😩🤷🏽‍♀️all these msg yall sending me is uncalled for! Just ignore that page & keep it moving!

The BEST PART about being slept on is seeing the surprised😮😧😮😲😱look on ppls faces when they realize they FUCKED UP by COUNTING YOU OUT❗️
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Win in silence 🔇& Let Them Keep thinking you losing❗️
{last night} outfit from @djyakum_yakflav & @renchelledixon
#houstonnights #htx #htxmodels #houstonliving

See It was NEVER my ENEMIES I had to watch out for, it was the ones screaming "I LOVE YOU"❗️

Move with STRATEGY not EMOTION❗️
Outfit by @djyakum_yakflav @djyakum_yakflav

NOBODY can “put you on”❗️They can only put you in position and give you exposure, the rest is on you to determine if your going to eat ❗️BUT Never DEPEND ON NOBODY TO FEED YOU BECAUSE WHEN YOU GIVE THEM THE POWER TO FEED YOU, YOU ALSO GIVE THEM THE POWER TO STARVE YOU❗️BOSS TF UP❗️
{picture lighting horrible}

You couldn't handle me even if i did come with instructions!

There's just something about her 😉

Then vs now

Motivated by the FEAR being AVERAGE!

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