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Alexandra Amburn ♎️  Rise above and grow some love 🌱❤️🌎✌🏼️ Help the homeless 🙏🏼Snapchat: alexxx_amburn 📸

Got in my car yesterday and this little beauty decided it wanted to ride instead of fly.

Cheese 📸👧🏼💙


Big girl underwear for a big girl that's been going on the potty since I put them on her. 🙌🏼😊

All these toys and she wants to play under the porch in the dirt. 😂

Before and after my first wrap and I can already tell a difference! Want to get results in as little as 45 minutes at my discounted price? 💰 Comment "ME" and start this journey with me. 😊 ALSO I will give the first person, a FREE tube of defining gel along with their purchase. 🙌🏼❤️

Moana all day, everyday. ❤️

I hope you're somewhere praying. I hope your soul is changing. I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees praying. 🍃

9 SIGNS Your Body Needs to DETOX: 🙈Skin breakouts 😩Bloating/stomach pains 🍫Food cravings 😴Trouble sleeping 🚫Constipation 💆Headaches 😞Fatigue/low energy levels 😠Irritability 😧Congestion/mucus feels like a cold 〰

I'm starting a 90 day detox with our GREENS for anyone who wants to join me!!! My 40% discount included just for YOU!!!! ☺️💚💭 Comment 'DETOX' if you're interested!

Currently on the search for a few more ladies who would love to do a 90 day WRAP challenge at MY cost!!!!! 💕 SLIM TIGHTEN & TONE NOT ONLY THAT TUMMY BUT ARMS & THIGHS TOO !!! 💚🙌🏽 Comment "ME" below and I'll message you the details ✨

Emma was very happy on her first day back to school. Thank you Rainbow Dreams for making Emma feel so loved and cared for. She really enjoys all of you! Especially her miss Header lol ❤️ #FeelingMuchBetter

My baby's not such a baby anymore. 😔❤️ #bittersweet

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