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asce1062  3341. Music. Escapism. Dissociation. Die Qual der Wahl. Ego brain += man made shame. There's something outside that we all want. β™‘.

Electric Guitar 🎸 riffs += EDM?

Electric Guitar 🎸 riffs += EDM?

Tried out some Bass Guitar 🎸. Turned out pretty good.

When dreams come true. πŸ––.

Another game musics remix.

Developer(s): Konami
Publisher(s): Konami
Genre(s): Run and gun
Name: Green Beret
Author: Martin Galway
Released: 1986 Imagine/Konami
Load range: $9F90-$CFF9
Init address: $9FCE
Play address: $CFF0
Number of songs: 21
Default song: 1
Clock speed: PAL
SID model: 6581
Player routine: Martin_Galway
Reloc region: $4000-$9EFF

Kiambu. (C64) #EDM #Trance #C64


Android App:

Github Repo:

It was too good to last he thought.
Might as well have been a dream he thought.

I've got a complicated case of escapism
For her, I tried to rewire my Nature

Too tired to wake her up out of that artificial calm she was on
A drug-induced future that slipped out of her palms

Seductive rain dancer, she thinks I'm waterproof
Like Superman doesn't need a roof over his head

"I want you to be happy. And that's like really what it comes down to. As one of my good friends in this world. I mean I hope that whatever happens that you will be like...real happy. Not some sort of fake, 'settling' happy. You know?" Sometimes a girl
Will come and go



Go away.
Be extinct.

The dead man's float.
The deadpan joke.
The cold touch of a stranger. (There's no right hand man)
The left hand stroke.
The bedpan spill.
The dead man's still face-down in his own waste.

We're all born free, we die by the shackles we adopt.
Enjoy your buoyancy, right up until the very last drop.

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