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asce1062  3341. Music. Escapism. Dissociation. Die Qual der Wahl. Ego brain += man made shame. There's something outside that we all want. ♑.

When dreams come true. 🖖.

Another game musics remix.
Download/Stream: https://soundcloud.com/aleximmer/green-beret-loader

Developer(s): Konami
Publisher(s): Konami
Genre(s): Run and gun
Name: Green Beret
Author: Martin Galway
Released: 1986 Imagine/Konami
Load range: $9F90-$CFF9
Init address: $9FCE
Play address: $CFF0
Number of songs: 21
Default song: 1
Clock speed: PAL
SID model: 6581
Player routine: Martin_Galway
Reloc region: $4000-$9EFF

Kiambu. (C64) #EDM #Trance #C64

Stream/Download: soundcloud.com/aleximmer/ghost-town

Android App: goo.gl/Gc4W4P

Github Repo: github.com/asce1062/Alex.Immer

It was too good to last he thought.
Might as well have been a dream he thought.

I've got a complicated case of escapism
For her, I tried to rewire my Nature

Too tired to wake her up out of that artificial calm she was on
A drug-induced future that slipped out of her palms

Seductive rain dancer, she thinks I'm waterproof
Like Superman doesn't need a roof over his head

"I want you to be happy. And that's like really what it comes down to. As one of my good friends in this world. I mean I hope that whatever happens that you will be like...real happy. Not some sort of fake, 'settling' happy. You know?" Sometimes a girl
Will come and go

Stream/Download: soundcloud.com/aleximmer/it-might-have-been


Go away.
Be extinct.

The dead man's float.
The deadpan joke.
The cold touch of a stranger. (There's no right hand man)
The left hand stroke.
The bedpan spill.
The dead man's still face-down in his own waste.

We're all born free, we die by the shackles we adopt.
Enjoy your buoyancy, right up until the very last drop.

Like a moth to the flame with it's wings in the wax, Happy 2017!

New year, new me.
New year, no you.


Stream: soundcloud.com/aleximmer/fantasy

#8Bit #Chip #Tunes

Contra/Jungle (Metal Mix).
Written by Hidenori Maezawa.

You know damned well that the japanese guys making Contra listened to 80's metal and they made progrssive metal on the NES. BRILLIANT work was made insignificant in the public eye because it was "blips and bleeps." Only us hardcore geeks can see through the square waves and pick out the music. #NES #90s #8Bit #Metal #Chip #Tunes

Nothing Else Matters.
Dedicated to @_jessiechan_

Stream: soundcloud.com/aleximmer/nothing-else-matters

Download: goo.gl/jBVsSK

#8Bit #Chip #Tunes

Looping at 00:05.
Small and Tiny.

Download: goo.gl/mkFI1V

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