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Fitness ▫️RE ▫️Entrepreneur  AZ/Illinois Business Owner🌵☀️🏙 👻 aleta.rose Goals:Getting fit after being pregnant 10/15/16 - now! Fat Burner 10% off GETSEXY10 💊👇

It's a beautiful day to build a business💎💰
First work
Then a 2nd painting bid for the new office
Then the gym💪

🚧Watch my story for booty work🚧
You want to know why you need BCAA's? To get that last rep, last set, one more exercise! I also use them for recovery so I'm not crippled after a hard leg day!!
Use code GETSEXY10 for discount, let me know when you order!! We're in this together!💪💦🍍

My weight hasn't changed but I am definitely leaner, healthier, and booty is getting muscle!!
What do I use?
Mostly Fat burner and BCAA's🔥💦
The BCAA's are Key to not craving bad energy drinks and soda, AND they give intense hydration and recovery🙌
Check out the website, use GETSEXY10 for a discount 💁🏼


If you hate pre workout cuz it tastes DISGUSTING -- you gotta try this!!🍉🍭
It's watermelon candy flavor, think jollyranchers 🤤😛
Who knew that pre workout was actually suppose to improve your workout!! Focus, extra blood flow to the muscles, enough balanced energy to finish each session with some cardio!! Head to the website in my bio, use code GETSEXY10 for a discount -- just to say Thank you 🙌😘

#FlexFriday 💪 I am drenched!!! Squats, walking lunges, sitting leg curls, leg extensions, bad girl machine, and 20 mins on the stairmaster 😅💦💦💦
Workout fueled by @limitlesssupps Their pre workout is Watermelon candy flavor and I freakin LOVE IT!!!

🖤Friday Feelz 🤣🤣🤣💀

You should be wondering how I took 2 months off from the gym and didn't gain my weight back😏
🔥LEAN Fat Burner🔥💊
- Only 1 Capsule a day with Breakfast (Most fat burners require 3-4 per day)
- 1 bottle is a 60 day supply!!
- Most people lose 4-7 lbs their first week!🔥💦
- Does not make you shaky, or have that crazy crash
- Curbs cravings, time released appetite suppressant, absolutely NO bing eating!
Use code GETSEXY10 on your next order for s discount💪💊🔥

🖤sexy gets more attention than successful any day. no body wants to be around someone who makes them question themselves. 🖤

#TBT to when I started - my first 4 month transformation 💪🔥 I had mastered Yoga, hated my body, so I went to weights!
Lots of Progress made in the last 4 months!!!
When I first started my training program, I wasn't doing it to be a model, or be in Fitness Competitions. Honestly, I just wanted to look how I saw myself; leaner, more muscle, built legs and butt, sculpted shoulders, defined back haha :)
I didn't like looking in the mirror and seeing a soft body.
Getting on a fitness plan has really given me the lifestyle I wanted but didn't know how to get it. I'm hooked!! I love pushing my limits, going heavy, seeing progress, and helping other girls any way I can 💯😘


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