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I'm sitting on my bed , thoughts swirling into my head , soaking in a moment of pause in-between a day of coaching and connecting to the most beautiful inspiring ladies I know. Life has been crazy busy and there is only one day left before I leave for home back in Italy for a well deserved sun and sea break ☀️🥑💕🌊💃 I spent the last few days getting to know a fellow Italian coach, new friend , nutritionist and all around amazing lady @veronicapacella and I am still soaking in her shiny energy and vibes! I am so excited to see spiritual, down to earth and badass people like her taking over the personal development landscape in Italy, it's so needed and I am more ready to jump into it as well than ever before. I am so grateful for my life right now and how things are unfolding !

I used to be the kind of person that was saying the right words or do the right things in order to make other people feel comfortable. Growing up my parents always taught me to speak italian correctly. If you know Italy a little bit, you may have noticed that we have very different accents and dialects according to the region you live in and even more specifically the city. In the area where I grew up we have a specific “roman accent” and dialect that kids learn growing up, but it’s not considered the “correct” Italian. And since my parents never spoke to me in dialect I learned to speak a quite neutral italian with a bit of accent but not so strong. And I remember that this characteristic didn’t always made me feel at ease. I felt different because I wouldn’t talk exactly like a lot of other children speaking the dialect. And so what I did was trying to speak like them in order not to appear the snob little girl speaking nicely.⠀

The truth is that I wasn’t faking it, it was simply the way I was, but I was still trying to fit in a mold, to be flexible and adapt to other people’s expectations.⠀

My journey to authenticity is ongoing, sometimes I still stretch myself thin to fit external standards, but I am much more aware that I have the choice now, and I’m committing every day more to being simply ME, because it feels SO good!⠀

What is your relationship to being authentic? Where can you be more of YOU?⠀

Hell YES to moments of summer like this ! 😍💃🎉❤️☀️🌊🍉🥑

I believe that life is an experiment.⠀

Your own personal experiment, and that we have the freedom to follow the daily calls of what makes us feel good, what light us up trying out new things, and that mistakes do not exist but only learning experiences to help us grow out of our comfort zone.⠀

I also believe that you can craft your own definition of success and happiness, regardless of what is your profession, level of fame, how much money you earn or how many designer bags you own. It’s all up to you and how you can live your truth everyday.⠀

It takes a lot of courage to live from your heart, but I feel that when we start living a bold life, embracing your vulnerability and weirdness, incredible opportunities open to us and we connect with each other on a much deeper level, we feel true love and we understand that at the end we really are all one.⠀

Are you ready to transform your life into a beautiful experimental piece of art? Send me an email at, I'd love to chat about your vision and guide you to get there, the time is NOW!⠀

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”― Jack Kornfield⠀

I'm sending my monthly love-letter to my email list in 30 minutes! If you want to be on it just sign up in the link in my bio :-)⠀

You will find inside a survey ( with giveaway only for subscribers!!) that will help me so much delineate the next steps of my little online space to serve you better ! ⠀

This summer I am leaving for a few travel adventures and I couldn't be happier!!

In the last couple of years I rarely travelled for 'pleasure' , it was always to visit the family or take a training somewhere and never to just switch off and chill, which was great at the time because all I wanted was work for my baby business project and make it a bit more real!

I was in a university exchange and I had the occasion of visiting lots of amazing Asian countries, but inside all I wanted was to stop and settle and express all that I had inside in my creative project, that desire made me feel alive more than anything else, even more than seeing an amazing beach or the most beautiful temple in Thailand.

Now I finally feel that the travel bug is back ( at the end I am a gipsy soul at my core 😉 and I cannot wait for my adventure in Bali with my sister in crime @annachenlifecoach !!!

How can you honour the season in your life at the moment? What makes you feel the most alive? It doesn't have to be the same as anyone else 😊😗

I have something to tell you. Actually it's more than one thing and I'm typing away my favorite email of the month, the one dedicated to YOU.⠀

It will be in your inbox in a couple of days, and If you're not on the list yet, just click the link in my bio and sign up for it or simply send me your email as a PM and I'll take care of it :-) ⠀

PS. It includes a lovely giveaway for the people that will help with with a short survey ! ⠀

In June of 2011 I moved to Paris directly after ending my Bachelor in Milan. I was here for a 6 months internship and I came with zero expectations, hardly speaking french and not being big fan of Paris. But now, 6 years and LOTS of adventures later I can tell this city and most importantly the people I met here really stole my heart and I fall in love with it more and more every day! I cannot predict what and where the future will bring, but I'm feeling very grateful for all I've got until in this present moment <3 ⠀

Do you ever feel like you have not found yet your place into the world?⠀

Like you've moved around and lived across different amazing countries, but you don't belong anywhere? And maybe you've lost your identity along the way?⠀


You don't relate to the "clichés" of your country of origin, neither for the way you look , dress or think and sometimes you feel jealous of people that are fitting perfectly in that box.⠀

You know that you have an amazing potential but you're not sure how that looks like and it doesn't matter what you do, the right job, friends and relationships, you feel like you're repeating the same patterns over and over again and you're stuck. ⠀

I feel you, I was totally there and I still am some days, there is a whole tribe of inspiring women like you out there and it's time to shine your light and embrace completely who you are. And I'd love to be your cheerleader and be there for the next few steps of the way, just leave me a PM or an email at to talk about how to take action ! ⠀

We are all here for that, connection. Being seen by the person in front of us for who we are deep inside, feel heard and understood. Know that we're all on this boat together and we have bridges holding each other afloat. And real connection means authenticity and showing up where you're at.⠀

I recently realized how when you make "helping and supporting others" your work, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling the responsability of always being in a good mood, a bright light for everyday encounters, to lift people up! ⠀

And when I put myself in this energy, it is simply exhausting over time, because I have lots of ups and downs, I have pretty bad days in which I want to dig my head in the sand and not seeing anybody, and while it's true that most times we cannot escape our commitments, we can do it from a more raw and authentic place, showing up where we're at, full stop!⠀

That's what the people around you need, and that's what create real connection.⠀

I'm more and more committed to this, I'll keep you updated ;-) What does real human connection look like for you ?

Getting ready for day 2 of the Prenatal Yoga Training with the amazing @sharonbalesyoga with my yoga community family of @efv_paris that gave me this opportunity 💕. Amazed about what the female body can do and finally aware of where and what the pelvic floor actually is 😂

Follow your inner light is a movement, a lifestyle which is based on living from your heart, guided by your intuition, by that gut feeling that whispers what’s really best for you but that we’re so used to ignore to listen instead to the fear-based beliefs and stress in our heads.⠀

We live in a society that too often proclaims busyness and distractions as normal and even cool , and force us to make choices based on fears and self-doubt .⠀

It gives us the illusion that if we follow a perfectly straight path, if we manage to fit into a box about the perfect career, partner, money, children, power….than we will have gained our right to happiness and satisfaction.⠀

We have this mental chatter on repeat saying : Am I good enough, beautiful enough, clever enough… feel healthy and energized in my body? To do what I love for living? To be loved for just being myself?⠀

But it doesn’t have to be that way! And the truth is that ….no one really knows what’s best for us more than our inner voice , calling us everyday to play big and follow our desires.⠀

Do you feel disconnected from your inner voice? Like you don't even know how and when it speaks to you? Are you ready to live a more intuitive and fulfilled life? Nothing makes me happier than helping you developing and trusting your intuition, send me an email at and let's talk about it ! ⠀

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