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This city already stole my heart ❤️

GRATITUDEFRIDAYS // "Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." - Melodie Beattie ⠀

Gratitude is a powerful practice, giving thanks for the things we receive it's more than saying a thank you out of habits. It permits us to acknowledge all the beauty we have and higher our vibrations to attract more beauty.⠀

That's why I want to practice it more, and every friday I will publish a spontaneous gratitude list, do you want to join me on this practice? ⠀

This week I'm grateful for :⠀

My comfy bed and 3 early nights. Coming back to my cute desk next to the window. Kale salads. Life conversations with best friends over simple meals. 2018 intentions. Dancing and karaoke. Walks with my dad over the holidays. Hugs. Feeling my heart tingling when I think of someone I love and giving them a hug. Printed photographs and written notes. Silence. French songs. ⠀

What are you grateful for this week ? Share it below in the comments. ⠀

I'm super excited to present a new projects up on my blog, it's an Interview Series called "Your path to purpose".⠀

Yes the path, because the final destination, the big passion we're looking for that gives purpose to our life, it's just an excuse to live the path! And in this journey there are inevitable moments of transition that are there to teach us something and clarify the direction we're going.⠀

It's exciting , isn't it? But also deeply stressful and destabilizing and sometimes it can feel lonely and confusing, that's why I decided to interview some wonderful inspiring people to let you know that you're not alone and that what you're feeling in this very moment is totally ok. ⠀

The first one on the blog today is Mish Schaffer from @meditationwithmish , follow the link in my bio to find it. ⠀

Once you've read it, leave a comment below.⠀

What was your favorite nuggets of wisdom from this interview? Share your thoughts let's start a conversation!⠀

After coming back home from my family holidays on Monday morning, today was the really first day I got to sit at my little desk, a blissful silence around me, the view of winter Paris from my window ( and ok also my huge suitcase to unpack and a pile of clothes to wash ;-) and I felt so much joy for being here, feeling supported and grounded in doing work I love. ⠀

Last year I printed my business cards and I still smile looking at them, it's still feel a bit unreal after almost one and half years building this dream, and at the same time it feels long because so much growth and changes happened by really trying to walk my talk everyday, working on my relationship with myself, my blocks, insecurities and seeing so many melting away more in these two years than in all the rest of my life.⠀

It's an ongoing process, it'll never stop and that's the exciting part, it means that more growth, aha moments and great stuff will come into my life. ⠀

If you're ready to do a part of the journey together this year I'd be happy to stand at your side, send me an email at gandolfoalessia@gmail.com for a FREE casual chat to connect and you can read more info on coaching in the link in my bio by clicking on "Life coaching with me". ⠀

A selfie to capture the first time in ages and ages I went for a run, and it was mostly to feel my body again and look at the sea for a last time before leaving for Paris this morning. ⠀

And now I'm back and while I'm excited to start this 2018 I definitely feel like I still need to digest some of the things happened in 2017. It was a big year and I feel like the learnings I experienced still have to be processed a bit before moving on. So even if the calendar is already at the second week of the month and the to-do list is already long I'm being gentle with myself and allowing the time to give me clarity and new motivation.⠀

Now I'm sitting on my yoga mat, preparing for this week classes and mostly getting back to movement slowly which I need so much after the body laziness of the last two weeks! ⠀

Wish you a great start of this exciting week and allow yourself to be gentle, you don't have to achieve all your goals today ;-) ⠀

NEW BLOG POST // My intentions for 2018 are up on the blog ( link in the bio ) with some guidance on how to set your own. I have to admit that when I started thinking about this new year, it felt immediately BIG. Like a lot of projects that have been on my mind for years are now coming into reality, which involves both inner changes and outer ones. ⠀

For a couple of days I felt some anxiety creeping it, and I asked myself, do I really want these things? Why am I feeling anxious? But I soon realised that it was because the actions feel scary and out of my comfort zone even if aligned with what I want, and you know the saying that the scarier they feel, the more we have to go for them!⠀

A couple of nights ago I had a dream and I woke up finally feeling excited, expansive and creative about this future year and I started to take some baby steps towards my new goals, and all the anxiety went away!⠀

Sometimes all we need is to start, to take the first action, and know that our big vision doesn't have to be accomplished in just one day and this "future tripping" creates all the anxious feelings, but it's the sum of present moments each and every day. ⠀

You can read the journal entry at followyourinnerlight.com/blog or click in the link in bio!

Happy first day of 2018 beautiful souls :-)⠀

How did you welcome this New Year?⠀

My spontaneous schedule included a windy walk with my dad this (late) morning near the sea to digest ALL the food of the last few days , quickly compensated by delicious lunch with the family , some knitting as I'm finishing my first ever scarf and now just ended a very needed slow yoga flow and a meditation that helped me center back into a calm state.⠀

I'm very excited about this new year, I know it's going to be big as it already involves some important plans. The word I choose to define 2018 is CONFIDENT ADVENTURE.... because I want to let go of some fear and anxiety that held me back for a few years and I'm ready to try new things and go for little adventures that feel good to me. ⠀

How did you welcome 2018?⠀

Do you have a word for the year? If not simply tune into how you would like to feel this year and intuitively see what comes up... it may take a few days to process and get to your conscious mind, so don't force it, just wait and see. ⠀

Wish you the most joyful, peaceful, happy year full of love!⠀

2017 you were Marvelous, Emotional, Intense and Unforgettable ....I listed 10 achievements of the year because we never celebrate what's behind us enough, make your list and celebrate yourself today! ⠀

❤ In the first term of the year I taught my first ever 3 workshops, two as a coach which really challenged my fear of public speaking and one of them in a big corporate event where I literally changed the whole presentation the night before and my very favorite one teaching yoga with @_clairebaker_ for her Adore Your Cycle workshop in Paris⠀

❤ I improved dramatically as a young yoga teacher, gaining more confidence with consistency and passion and I dove deeper in the meaning of my practice with lots of baby steps. I taught more than 200 classes , trained with Jason Crandell in London with my dear @happyyogissociety and even become a Prenatal Yoga teacher thanks to the fabulous @sharonbalesyoga and really enjoyed holding space for some lovely pregnant women. ⠀

❤ I showed up more fully as a Life Coach , finding in particular my sweet spot helping some incredible women uncover their passion and purpose in their career transitions in 1:1 sessions and I can see how I want to develop my skills to become the best possible coach and hold the space for many more clients to come.⠀

❤ 2017 was my first year as a full-time entrepreneur while 2016 was more of a foundational year by doing all my training and ending my academic adventure after 10 years. This year I really focused on delivering, practicing and working with clients and it was the biggest personal development tool, asking me to take risks, responsibilities and growing up but it also gave me huge satisfactions!⠀ ⠀
❤ I upped my digital presence by writing several blog posts ,creating The Passion Test and having fun on Instagram creating my first ever challenge in December. I understood that writing and creating all kinds of digital contents and guides is the part of the business that makes my heart sing the most. In the first part of the year I was more focused on teaching and I felt like a part of me wasn't fully expressed and I passionately found it back in the second trimester. ⠀

The rest in the co

A day in Roma 🎄🎁💕🤗🧚‍♀️💃

This is my writing spot at the moment... after a week off IG I'm slowly getting back and I am popping up today because I'm having a delicious solo day after a week enjoying Christmas with the family, and I'm using this precious time to chill, drink herbal tea, Netflix ( currently watching the Lady Gaga documentary which is so inspiring ) and writing a new blog post all on this past year and How to Review your 2017!⠀

Holidays can be an intense time, so in this space between Christmas and NY carve out a couple of hours of alone time to reflect and cherish the end of this big big year before saying a last goodbye and moving with excitement into 2018, but only a few more days of needed relaxation for me! ⠀

PS. My last newsletter of the year will be out tomorrow, so if you're curious in knowing what to expect in 2018 and do an online farewell party for 2017 sign up in the link in my bio :-)

Time to relax and switch off from this little online space ( including IG, FB , emails and everything in between). I’ll come back in about a week, in the meanwhile have the greatest holiday and give out the best gift to your loved ones, your presence ❤️🎅🎄🙏. Lots of love and thank you so much for being here !

Time to retreat and wrap up this crazy and amazing year✈️🎉🎄🎁💕😴🥧🍽👨‍👩‍👧‍👧❤️

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