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Alessandra Sztaba  Only&one official ☝🏻️Polish fitness photomodel 🔥film editor🎥, runner 🏃🏽calisthenics girl 💪Warsaw🇵🇱/Barcelona🇪🇸


Today is my birthday 🙈🎉guess how old i am now 😊do i look old??😭😭


After training ❣️

Hello😘can You recommend me some horror movies? I want to be scared of a little noise after watching it😝

From my friday training 😊👮🏽‍♂️👮🏽‍♂️


Takie tam ze „sracza” i nie tylko😂😝

I posted it yesterday on instastory😊first time i post photo like this:
❌No makeup
❌No blur
❌No Photoshop ❌No filter ❌No fake lashes
Only little mascara

Sometimes im elegant 😎❤️

Kiedy ktos mowi Ci, ze pokazywanie sie w bieliznie na instagramie to dno😝 moja odpowiedz 😂

From my dance training 😊 i choose some choreos what I like, i learn it and after i repeat and repeat. At the end i always stretch😊 I’ve received a lot of hates at the beggining when i started to dance (a few months ago), even i received private messages with horrible insults because i started dancing! Yes, its unbelievable how people are bad sometimes, but i take it like motivation. I’m not gonna stop doing something becaue Miss or Mister X.Y. insults me. Never ever 😊💪🏼