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Building dem wings 🦅
Something you should be focused on no matter WHAT you’re training is bracing your core properly. If you think I mean suck “in” your stomach you’re wrong. Would you guys want a video on that?
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•Deadlifts 4x12
•Barbell Row 4x12
•DB Swinging Row 4x12
•Cable Lat Pulldown (rope) 4x12
•Hammer Curl 4x12
•Incline Curl 4x12
•Seated BB Curl 4x12
I guess it just took @joshscutnik to do my programming again bc I’ve been so consistent🤗 Perks of having a husband as a coach!
#passionneverfails #backday #bodybuilding #workoutoftheweek #girlswhoactuallylift

Oh the joys of hormones 😲🤯🤔
Many of you know I stopped taking my birth control pill back in December. Not because we’re ready to have a baby but because I realized I was living in a cloud for 10 years while on it experiencing extreme mood swings, anxiety, and lots of times just feeling so sad for no apparent reason. I knew this was not me so when I stopped it was like a cloud was lifted.
Overall I feel SO MUCH BETTER not taking it, but I’m continuing to learn how my body works and balancing my hormones and that’s a bit of an adjustment.
On the pill my weight was pretty steady. I didn’t gain or lose weight upon taking it or going off of it, but I definitely experience more fluctuations and bloating now which obviously is normal since I actually have a real period.
The left photo is April 11, the right photo is today. Crazy what the body can do and the reason why I’m posting this is because I know other women would see these changes and think it’s fat gain. The scale was up, my waist measurement was 29” and is 27.5” now, and I just felt so bloated and heavy. No fun!!!!
I have a couple videos discussing what I’m doing to balance my hormones but remember that this is just me sharing my experience, not me telling you what you should do about your birth control.
Reminder: scale fluctuations are NORMAL. Bloating happens. It doesn’t mean you’re not progressing towards your goals. Sometimes it’s a deeper issue like hormones but it could also be due to digestion, food choices, lack of bowel movements, etc. Stop letting a little digital number dictate how you feel about your body. There’s more to it than you think 🤔💭 #passionneverfails #femalehealth #loveyourbody #fertilityawarenessmethod

The face he makes when you tell him your jeans fit your quads and waist😂🙌🏻👖
I have like 3 pairs of jeans that actually fit me, but none are as comfy as my @frandenim 💙 I actually don’t want to rip these off as soon as I get home which is a win in my book. Plus they make the 🍑 look 👌🏻
Use code (ALESSANDRA) to save some dollars at checkout! #frandenim #calthebullyapproved

You messaged me on Facebook just about 4 years ago and the rest is history😂❤️
Happy Birthday to my husband/best friend/swolemate/business partner/Dog Father @joshscutnik 💙I made him a special birthday video and it’s linked in our bio (on YouTube) so go watch it and wish this hunk a happy birthday! 🎉 #swolematesforlife #iloveyou

(No this isn’t a message from D.A.R.E. 😂 but same concept)
How many times have you done something or agreed to do something and it immediately caused you anxiety because it wasn’t something you wanted to do but either got pressured into or just plain felt bad saying no?
I know I’ve done it before and almost every time I would tell myself “Next time I’m not agreeing to something like this.”
It wasn’t until I got comfortable turning down options or closing those doors that I started experiencing more happiness. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your personal limits, boundaries and being decisive.
At the same time, know what fills your cup and serves you. Know what you LOVE to do and pay attention to when your mind may be telling you that something is not for you- no matter how “good” it sounds or looks on the surface.
Being a decisive human is powerful and can increase your confidence in yourself tenfold. Start making those decisions and see how it transforms your life and increases your happiness. Comment below ONE thing that you’re going to start doing more that makes you so incredibly freaking happy! Andddddd GO! #passionneverfails #getbusyliving #lifeistooshorttowait

Cal is one of the least stressed creatures on the planet and I think we can all learn something from him...🤔
STRESS. It impacts everyone. Some people manage it better than others, but we all deal with it. As an online coach, I get emails from my clients each week when they check-in. One of the ratings on our check-in sheet is a column for stress, and often I hear about all sorts of stressors and things my little love bugs are going through.
If you’re trying to lose body fat, it’s important to realize this:
STRESS PLAYS A HUGE ROLE. Huge! If you’re stress is high the scale most likely isn’t budging, or even has increased. So when I see a client is stressed and they aren’t making progress, I don’t adjust their calories, but instead tell them their main focus area of the week is to implement some type of stress management.
Stress Management Ideas:
+Go for a walk
+Read a book
+Meditate (my fav!)
+Play with your puppy
+Play with a friend’s puppy
+Talk to someone who you love
+Journal your thoughts
Those are just a few but I have found that just being mindful, more aware of what’s really going on and developing a plan to mitigate it can be 🔑. What’s your favorite way to manage the stress in your life? Comment and share so you can give someone else a great idea! ❤️ #passionneverfails #stress #stressmanagement #bemindful #mindfulnesspractice

If you were obsessed with *NSYNC and remember the Bye Bye Bye dance from the Darren’s Dance Grooves DVD then watch til the end of front squats 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Cal was not amused.
•Front Squats 4x12
•RFESS 4x12
•Heels Elevated Goblets 4x12
•Leg Extensions 3xAMRAP
•Military Press 4x12 (not shown)
•DB Upright Row 4x12
•Single arm Lateral Raise 4x12
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Pineapple Headband: @junkbrands (discount code is bootcamp)
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I say this every time @kft_brands releases a new pair but these 90’s shorts may be my favorite yet 😍 #nostalgia
Yesterday in my story I chatted with you guys a little bit about how I changed my training schedule and gave myself Mondays off (although I did do a little cardio circuit for 15 minutes!). Making your training program FIT your life is crucial for adherence and success.
Look at it this way:
If you’re pushing yourself to train 6 or even 7 days per week but constantly missing session, cutting things short or not motivated to go...SCALE BACK! Who the heck said you need to be there everyday?? (O wait..every fitspo 🙄)
I’m getting way more out of training less. I feel recovered, I actually enjoy my hour in the gym and I have so much more time to get other shit done that’s important to me..or go see my Grandmama for tea time ☕️. ••
Take a step back, prioritize what’s important and figure out the best way to tackle those goals. Your way probably looks different than everyone else’s and that’s ok!
Individualized training programming👇🏻
🌀Discount code for these shorts are in my bio link! #passionneverfails #kftbrands #findyourhappy #domorewithless

Alright friends, here’s everything I ate today as promised from my story!
I actually took a week off of tracking macros but after that little diet break I started up again feeling refreshed and after realizing I don’t eat enough at allllll without tracking (never thought I’d see the day that happened 😂). Current intake is at about 2000 calories and I use the @my.macros app to track! ••
You don’t HAVE to track your macros, but I do believe it is the most efficient method when it comes to losing body fat or gaining muscle. Are there other ways? Sure. Is tracking for everyone? Nope. But for me, and *most* of our clients this is the way to go. We do work with clients however who don’t track. Here’s some suggestions👇🏻
🤯Get creative with meals when you feel unmotivated! For me making pretty, fun, delicious and exciting meals helps me stay on track way better. +I usually eat about 4-5 meals per day.
+I eat the same macros on training and rest days.
+I eat mostly nutrient dense foods, but I also leave room for snacks and things that make me happy.
+I am currently limiting cow’s dairy (hormonal reasons).
+I drink plain water (100 ounces give or take) and am also limiting coffee for hormonal balance.
Any questions? Comment below! Also taking client inquiries 👉🏻 if you want to work with me exclusively! #passionneverfails #mymacros #flexibledieting #teammacros

Today was a rest day from lifting but I cleared the inbox early, and it was DOWNPOURING all day so I decided to get some movement in downstairs. You’ll need a jump rope (I used @rxsmartgear ) and dumbbells (we loooove @ironmasteruk for our home gym).
Here’s what I did👇🏻
5 rounds
+1 minute jump rope
+1 minute burpees
+1 minute dumbbell movement (see below)
+1 minute rest
🌀Round 1: Push Press
🌀Round 2: Single arm Snatch
🌀Round 3: Goblet Squat
🌀Round 4: Single arm Squat
🌀Round 5: DB Thruster
Burpees are still hard 😭I haven’t done a high intensity cardio session like this in a loooooong time. Like a year lol. Once in a while I like this stuff, but I prefer walking/hiking for cardio more.
🔰Bookmark it to save it for a rainy day! #passionneverfails #cardio #cardiocircuit #burpeesstillsuck #whatiscardio

A little Monday wisdom inspired by one of the sermons I listened to yesterday👇🏻
•• Some of the things you have been praying for, you are now treating as a distraction.
Those words were powerful to me and I’ll tell ya why:
I’ve been focusing more on what I DON’T have rather than what I DO have lately. It’s easy. We live in a world where everything is readily available at our fingertips. It’s easy to want more, and probably human, but instead of constantly wishing and hoping for more, you NEED to be grateful for what’s already in front of you.
This applies to your fitness journey obviously too. You have a goal. That’s great and awesome. You go Glen Coco. But SO often with my clients and others who DM me I see them lost in the end result. They’re waiting for happiness at the end of the tunnel and let me tell you✋🏼STOP living like that.
We are only here for such a short time, so why not love what you already have SO HARD?? I need you guys to do me a favor and comment below something you’re acknowledging that you have today that you have prayed for and now have. Big or small. GO👇🏻👇🏻

Spent a good portion of today painting this dresser + listening to @elevationchurch and it was so perfect🙌🏻
Starting to do some small crafts/repurposing over here now that we’re settled. I forgot how relaxing painting can be 🎨 If you’re into more home/relationship/life stuff go follow our other account @ourevolvinglife 💞
I also *think* this is my new favorite way to wear the @junkbrands that tie. Might need to stock up on some more of this style! (my JUNK discount code is “bootcamp” if you want some too!
Hope you all had a glorious Sunday 🤗❤️ #passionneverfails #sundaythings

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