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Aleksi Ranta  I'm 22y old tricker from Finland, Lempäälä/Tampere It's Called Tricking 🙌 @noste_trikkaus #Roadtodubdub2018 #Dubdub2018

Couldn't full st dub today but going to get it soon. This setup is starting to feel good!🤩

New cork swing record from fulltwist. Starting to get hang of this setup🙂 #tricking #training #acrobatics

Response #tricking #trikkaus

Use to be able to just barely full st cork but today I did 3x cork from full setup!🙂 Good session I just hope I don't sprain my ankle it's aching little bit!

Just training #tricking

Silence Speaks

Black rose🖤 can't handle my feelings right now so going to train a lot and release sad minisamplers. Going all in again #tricking #trikkaus

Tänään olin Penan ja Teemun kanssa vähän avaruushommis😎


Quick session. Only thing I did was these two swingchains 😅 #Nollasata #tricking #trikkaus

Hook-gainer😝 📸@hjeikkilan
#tricking #trikkaus

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