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Aleksandar Bradic  computational design, recycled data, #nerdart

Frontiers .07 #photography

“Someone scored a ten-megaton hit on Tank War Europa, a simulated air burst drowning the arcade in white sounds as a lurid hologram fireball mushroomed overhead...” #photography #shanghai

@33emybw plays a brilliant set at the 2018 Shanghai Concrete & Grass Festival #newmusic

“Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream. Alert, like men aware of danger.” #photography

Hacking with Fire HackChat #poster #design #graphicdesign

Aircraft warning lights like silent sequencers, pulsating patterns radiating through Shanghai night. Independent generators brought together by the mind of the observer. 60BPM, the tempo of the city.
From the distance, the lush pad of the dawn emerges, flooding the scene with incandescent light.
5:05AM, the Chengdu train awaits... #photography

“Wherever there are people, there are questions. And wherever there are questions, there is art.” - Xu Bing #ucca

Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic .33 #poster #design #graphicdesign

Environmental Sensor HackChat #poster #design #graphicdesign

“The Aleph’s diameter was probably little more than an inch, but all space was there, actual and undiminished.” // Av. de Mayo 1370

“I venture to suggest this solution to the ancient problem: The Library is unlimited and cyclical. If an eternal traveler were to cross it in any direction, after centuries he would see that the same volumes were repeated in the same disorder (which, thus repeated, would be an order: the Order). My solitude is gladdened by this elegant hope.” // Santa Fe 1860

“One day I went there and, slipping past a member of the staff and trying not to notice at what height or distance from the door, I lost the Book of Sand on one of the basement’s musty shelves.” // México 564

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