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Alejandro Gómez  Always the heart, never the head Branding&Illustration

Do not see you commercial, you look wild! New brand coming out of the oven

Recently someone broke my heart, I had a hard time sleeping at night, the night have become good friend, but I realize how neurotic we are about love ... makes me think that I do not live on earth, i live on the moon, with my feet hanging, watching and waiting for someone to sit beside me. Any advice for the hurt of ​​love? #insta_blackwork #blackworknow

New stuff this week! 🌲

Because the wild spirit is an attitude that always goes with you and not a place

For me all the year is summer, but it must be recognized that these colors only come out in August! #lifeisbetterwhenyousurf (📸 @ivanmonagas )

@stanflan @afistfullofbolts @melanieflanigan best branding for the real #challengers and how you can change the rules ! 🔥

Because it shoots from the heart through the hand #branding @agirlandacamera ❤️

Learning #branding: Lesson 4: David VS Goliath. When David had to fight Goliath, he said: your rules are melee, but I will fight from a distance and Goliath fell, the spectators changed their thinking and said: wow! I did not know that could be done. Goliath was the leader and set his rules, but David ignored them and defeated him. Challenging the market leader as David did to Goliath, do not compete with his standards and rules, change them. I recomend you this book: Eat big fish, see you in the ocean! (Pic by @ivanmonagas ❤️)

In Zion there are many horn sheep, talking about you and what surrounds you to attract as if were a lighthouse. Chinese ink on ecological paper for the branding of @tylerrye_ ❤️

A little magic and alchemy for a society of soul stealers (thanks @the_soul_stealers ❤️)

WIP :: it is amazing how to only reserve the color and the magic arises, and as the failure of the ink gives the romanticism. fuck! I love this!

The #challenger: Being number one means thinking like number two.
Full #branding for an #artist with very good taste, thanks @jennarouth ❤️

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