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Alejandro Gómez  Always the heart, never the head Branding&Illustration

Learning branding, lesson #3 The #challenger: Increases the emotional load. Think about changing the relationship between the consumer and the product. People find interesting self-confidence in brands

Helping @niravphotography to renew his brand, I discovered a technique superimposing vellum paper to obtain a depth of the really romantic forest. Nobody tells you how to do things .. ingenuity is bold and to me always leads me to the best results.

Learning Branding, Lesson #2 The #challenger: defies pre-set rules even if it is by ignorance. The best way to defeat leaders is by challenging them either explicitly or implicitly (#branding #marketing pic by my bandidos: @angelaloalv @ivanmonagas ❤️)

Branding, lesson #1 The challenger: create your own identity, do not let competitors model your brand. Here's a sick piece of #branding for the big challenger @ryanmuirhead 💀❤️

Way of working: 1. research 2. ideation 3. caffeine and surfing 4. craft 5. refine 6. deliver. Work to live, not live to work, we are selfish because we complain about not having the life we ​​want, when we actually have the option to choose, stop complaining and ride! #followyourheart #nodrugs (pic by my bandido @ivanmonagas)

Teaser new cover for @red_beard_official ❤️

Thanks @luis_barreiro_photography ! I can't wait to see this in action!


New #branding coming out of the oven today!

I am not of uploading photos of me, but this occasion requires it, visits of people who portray these emotions to announce that it is officially inaugurated the new location of the Studio. More big, more pretty!! We are already thinking about new projects!! The good stuff is coming! Thank you! (Impossible lo label them all) (special mention @bigchiefdrums, my bro JoseM and my mom for emotional support)

Illustration for the tattoo of @jackson_foto 🔥🦅🔥

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