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🌹  wild woman in love with every moment

she is made of earth 🥀

gratitude to her, papatūānuku 🌿

i see art in everything, everywhere. we were all born creators. 🌙

Divine beings, I will be facilitating a WOMB YOGA workshop at the very first @nzspiritfestival 💫
Gather with me, woman to woman, as we dive deep into the space of sacred sexuality, wisdom, power and love: the womb.
3 days and 2 nights of yoga, music, dance, healing and sacred celebration, where we will nourish our souls and enlighten our minds through this incredible energy-charged event 🦋 #NZSpiritFestival
APRIL 27-29th, 2018

I only want to trigger people in to the no-return of self-love. 🌹 I want to trigger that in myself, too.

it’s not wrong, it can’t possibly be wrong to love yourself. to want to cradle yourself, nourish yourself. you’re the only one you’ll spend your whole life with. who else better to fully, unconditionally, LOVE. & not every day do i feel this way, not every day am i embodied and sensual. but every day i do get a choice and i’ve chosen. 🌹

katakata 👅

i only ever want to be around women who get me. who hold me. who i hold. those raw, real sisters who trigger me into my truth. my sensual, creative, witchy truth. this to me is love. 🌹

let me tell you
of her dance that
writhes beneath my skin;
of her music that
echoes the drum of
my heart;
of her ancient wisdom
swimming in the currents
of my blood

never not serious with this one. we’re unbelievably serious. it’s outrageous. #tb

as she drinks
my own thirst is quenched

& wherever she goes
she is free

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