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K A T E R I N A 🌹  plant-based ♀yogini radiant femininity & sensuality embodied

new moon witchy vibes 🌑 turning inwards to nourish my inner goddess, reignite my flame & begin manifesting all that good shit 🌹

There was more to this but I didn’t want to ruin the photo if I fucked up the toppings 🤦🏼‍♀️🌿

h e a r t h e a l i n g
wild & radiant, I want to speak to you in flowers. I want to grab your hand, so intensely, a flicker of shock and excitement crosses your face. I want to take you so deeply into that overgrown meadow of raging daisies and lust and love. & I want you to feel, to know, how true this is. how insanely true this all is. 🌹
wearing @wearyoga / bamboo, hand-made, enviro-conscious goodness for my body.


Women- we must pleasure ourselves 🌹 how is it we can so easily give our beings -our bodies- to others & yet when it comes to giving to ourselves we feel ashamed? Self-pleasure / solo sex / masturbation / whatever you want to call it is self-love. Your body is sacred, divine. Divine beyond your knowing. So whether you let that pleasure rise in a sexual way, a sensual way, or just in the way of being still, experiencing your body’s aliveness- let it be so. Let it rise in waves and rage through all of you. Be so in that experience there is no time for the mind to interrupt your luscious essence. Embodiment. Your right to being alive. ✨ #connect

I just haven’t quite been feeling myself but ‘ everything’s good ‘ 👌🏼 I’m on this journey but a woman can get really in her head & fucking hard on herself. Humans 🤦🏼‍♀️

Good morning sunshine 🌞

n a t u r e does it best 😌 what are your favourite fruits? (I really haven’t gotten out of this jumper...)

Truth: real life isn’t always pretty. Some days I’m ugly - ugly in the way I act to people I love, the way I treat myself. I wouldn’t want anyone to come across my page and think ‘this girl has it all’. Some days I do, some days I don’t. But the truth is what you see isn’t the WHOLE STORY. It’s less than a second of my experience with life. Truth is I am struggling, like everyone else, all the time. Sure - I’m a happy person, innately so. But I have many demons that have tortured and played with my emotions for the past 7 years of my life. Depression. Anxiety. Constant anger, rage, frustration. So there it is. No it’s not ME but it affects me. And truth is yesterday I had a really fucking bad day & that’s okay. It’s better than okay - it’s perfect. 🖤

And we feasted and feasted until the feast was all gone 😜 @annagregan


cleanse: releasing the past to create space and sacredness for goodness to flourish 💧

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