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Alec Rutkowski 

Three years of having to deal with her getting in the way of things I’m trying to take pictures of but I guess it’s been worth it. Happy three years!

Thanks for two years of pictures like this @stephygarvs

Just because she is cute and has a doge

Selfie at the edge, all our friends are dead

Happy Birthday to this beautiful girl, even though she got in the way of my sunset picture here, I still love her @stephygarvs

She takes me to Blackhawk games, so I guess that makes her pretty cool

@money_bags_borden and I ready to dominate down in Chicago #SmallHall305 #GeauxPhoenix

Happy Birthday @nicholasgarcia13 without you I'd have no one to sing closer with or send memes to

You versus the guy she tells you not to worry about, happy birthday @chuff1123 hope you get a new back for your 40th birthday!

Thanks for 1 year of embarrassing snapchats and cute pictures @stephygarvs

Get you a man who can do both. @michael_klemm

Standing with two champions but I'll only show the one that matters @andrewsackett15

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