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Alec Ⓥ  🌱 Vegan // 🏠 San Diego, CA // 📍Pensacola, FL // RW💕 ⬇️ NEW VIDEO ⬇️

New Orleans was so much fun with you! There are many more trips to come! Can’t wait til VooDoo comes! I love you!

Ever since I’ve been with you, it’s all been a learning experience for me. Not only did you accept me into your life, your children accepted me as well. You’ve given me the stepping stone of what it’s like to be a parent; what to expect, what responsibilities are made, and what priorities to set. And I thank you for that since my dream is to be a father.

The fact that you take care of these little boogers on your own tells me so much about you. Your diligence, your drive, and best of all, your independency. You didnt need me from the start, let alone, you didnt need anyone. Anyone who came into your life was just a bonus. But im glad to say that it’s me out of anyone who came into your life.

Not a lot of people take this chance, but I’m seriously glad I took it. They’re not my children, but i’m willing to be that male figure in their life that they need. I’ll guide them the way they need to be, what they should be, and to show what’s important to them; family. It may be “just an image”, but, I’d rather be in the image than to leave them. Happy 3 Months, Love. I love you so damn much.

According to Google, its National Girlfriends Day.. 😏 I should probably take more photos of you as well since you look so damn gorgeous all the time 😍#nationalgirlfriendday

• Wassup fam. I started vlogging and still trying to get in the hang of it but anyway, since I cook a lot of vegan meals, I decided to put them on YouTube! .
• I made a video on how to make VEGAN LUMPIA. The link to my video is in the description! I hope you guys enjoy! Stay tuned for more content! .
• Going to make it a goal to vlog for the rest of 2018 and on! 😊❤️ .
Much love!

I could write a whole long paragraph about you but that still wouldn’t be enough. I just want to say how truly it is a blessing to have you in this world, let alone, in each others. You only inspire me to do better and I never would’ve thought I would meet someone so wise as you. Today is your day. I love you. Happy birthday, love. 😘❤️

Holy shit, I’m seriously in love with you.

You are my most beautiful someone.

Welcome home, Leo ❤️🐶 #aussiebeagle #puppiesofinstagram 📷: @eff1eurescence

Hi guys! Meet my girlfriend, Ramona 😍, beautiful, aint she? @eff1eurescence | May 4th, 2018

I guess you can say I’m on track now. 📷: @eff1eurescence

I’m not lost, I’m just looking for answers.

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