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Alexander Alves  Encompassing a range of styles 📍bay area 👻 aleclectic

Best spot to meet your friends! Last day of #coachella

Per #beychella - took 45 mins to get all dressed up. Day ✌🏼 at #coachella

Survived day ☝🏼 of #coachella

Fun times with these #chracy guys for Chris’ bachelor party at #loscabos . Cheers to being a pseudo soccer team, gettin’ that @cashcash at #omnialoscabos , hiking with an amazing view of the city and our dog friends as we ‘jail break’. On top of that great bonding and feeling close to these guys after our trip. We can’t wait for the wedding day @aznricechuger

Prepare for trouble & make it double - tea latte that is! Saturday mornings with 📸 @seejanehwang

As of recent the Lord told me the friends surrounding me are great blessings. Includes you my dears, @seejanehwang & 📷 @chunbuns

Disney sure does a great job at making kids feel chipper...and then allowing us adults feel like we're 6 y/o again. Alana's first Disneyland trip was a hit. As for my brother @fred086, who was able to re-live his childhood, had a blast too! The true MVP is sis in law @joneerz for planning this trip and always being readily available for when Alana wanted "uppy" or needed her mom's company. #alanaalves #quirimitclan Merry Christmas All! 🎄

Holiday parties are made for donut walls, photo booth pics, spinning down a flight of stairs, dim sum, dancing profusely, oh and free booze. Thank you for inviting us @catherinejoysf

Fun times with these kool kids! #sf #sanfrancisco #mrholmes first time here!

What a fun weekend! Congrats to @heyitsst3ph & Alex on your marriage! So excited for your new journey! Another huge congrats to @soda.sf for 1 year anniversary! I am so blessed to be a part of the church community!

Disclaimer: Long post. First off thank you All for the birthday wishes. I am very blessed. The best gift I received was from God today. This morning I prayed to the Lord asking that he give me a gift for my birthday, not sure what it would look like if it were to be tangible or not. As I finished my prayer, I played 'Daniel Caesar's - Best Part' as this was stuck in my head. The lyric that stood out to me was "I just want to see how beautiful you know that I see it...I know you're a star. Wherever you go I follow no matter how far". Immediately I thought, awesome, He is speaking to me through song and I became ecstatic to accept it as my gift. Little did I know that that was a set up for another gift from Him.

Come 30 minutes later, looking forward to attending service at @soda.sf We began with worship and I asked the Holy Spirit to fill my heart. Today's service was special in that a pastor from the our mother church in Emeryville, Living Hope delivered the message. God spoke to me during worship and said, "Alex, know that you are shining right now, you can't see it and there are only a few select people in the room who can see it." I noticed that pastor repositioned herself toward my direction and at one point we met at eye contact and thought perhaps she can see. I didn't think much of it until after she delivered the message. My eyes were closed in prayer and then all of a sudden she grabbed me from my chair to join her in the front of the church. (Mind you I did not have prior conversations as this was my first time meeting her). Nervously obliging, she began to pour out the word. She said that the enemy has robbed me of my past and all the trials I've been through. These trials don't define me but rather is utilized to shed light on others of my testimony. One of the songs we sang during worship, "Reckless love" a line that was sung was, "there's no shadow you won't light up, mountain you won't climb up coming after me." She said she saw Jesus climbing up a mountain and then she saw me climbing up my own mountain. She ultimately said that I truly am a Man of God and that I have been released of the enemy.

All day I dream about (God's) sovereignty "Let's play dress up" 📷@catherinejoysf .
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