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Alex Baldwin  @jemodel 🌎 San Francisco 📧

Rained a lot here. This was right before it started snowing. We met a stray dog and I named it banjo. Banjo tried to sneak into @savekurt tent during the night.

Sunrise missions

That storm off in the distance followed us all the way to Idaho

Hot springs, snowball fights, walking on a frozen lake. Idaho redeemed.

This was such a strange place to camp. It really is a city of rocks, where they resemble skyscrapers. The snow and hail shortened the trip and made scrambling around the rocks a little sketch.

My first time walking on a frozen lake

Camped out here here to catch the sunrise over temple of the sun and moon.

Leaving the monuments, off to cathedrals then SLC

Rain and snow the whole way up, world's largest human centipede 📸 @savekurt

Zion was crazy. Camped at the hi road outside the park and woke up to snow everywhere. All the creatures of the night didn't let me sleep, including a horse which I named freakshow. He kept galloping, laughing, and stomping around our tents at 3am. Might have been a ghost horse, still not sure.

@savekurt has too much baggage. Spent hours driving on rocky dirt roads that probably broke my car, at one point I was on three wheels. Pulled off the road to camp in the wilderness at 1am. Then woke up too this.

The sun's still shining on the same old lessons

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