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Ashlea  I really love my middle finger. It's always sticking up for me. 🖤

On any avg day I say "good morning!!" 300 times a day despite being the most NOT morning person a human could be. Couldn't we all just agree to drink our cuppa and hush

Every year unpacking summer dresses and swimsuits I have a come to Jesus moment and maybe that's not what Jesus cares about but last week I lied on my new license about my weight and I'm pretty sure at least, Jesus isn't a fan of liars. Yesterday I ate most of Sam's green chile cheese fries then I had fries for dinner. What is it called when one stages his/her own intervention?!


Literally how do kids who "have nothing to wear" make so much much dirty laundry 🤦‍♀️

Happy St. Patrick's ! Kiss me I'm 5th generation?!?!

My best friend lives in Australia currently which is really inconvenient and somehow she still knows exactly what I need to hear. In the past weeks, a book about a grouchy curmudgeon, a funny lady boss and a hysterical woman "of a certain age" . Cheers to the friends who know you as well as you know yourself. The 4am friends that know your heart inside and out. @emmyoungg hurry up June!!

All is well that ends well.

And the American govt said "let there be light" 🙌🏻dst

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